What Are Aloe Vera Tablets?

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Aloe vera tablets refer to a type of dietary supplement made from concentrated aloe pulp. Although aloe is commonly used as to soothe skin, it also has plenty of other functions. It's high in key nutrients and antioxidants, making it an ideal choice for supplementing one's diet. The regular use of aloe vera tablets has also been shown to help in the fight against some diseases.

The most common use of aloe is as a skin soothing agent in topical form. It's frequently used to treat sunburns and other skin irritation. Many people don't know that aloe also has many benefits when used internally. Aloe vera tablets are sold for this reason, and research is being done to determine exactly what aloe is capable of in terms of fighting disease.

One potential benefit of taking aloe vera tablets is that they stimulate the immune system and heighten immune response. It was shown amongst a group of people with auto immunodeficiency virus (AIDS), that those who took high doses of aloe eventually no longer had detectable levels of AIDS virus in their blood. This may be due to a more intense immune response in these patients, although more studies are needed to determine why this occurred.

Cancer treatment is another potential use for aloe vera tablets. Some preliminary studies have shown that aloe helps to destroy cancer cells by stimulating white blood cells to kill them. It also seems to help the body produce more healthy cells. Cancer organizations are doing further studies to determine exactly how and why this works so that aloe vera may be used in cancer treatment therapies in patients. Aloe was even shown to be effective in treating aggressive forms of cancers, such as those found in the lungs.

Aloe vera tablets may also be beneficial in treating diabetes and inflammatory illnesses like arthritis. The link between aloe use and these illnesses is not fully understood. More studies are needed to determine how effective it may be in the treatment of such diseases.

While using aloe vera tablets may be useful for these purposes, it is not the most effective way to use aloe. Since aloe vera is primarily composed of water, most of its nutrients are lost through the process of developing tablets because they only contain the pulp portion of the plant. To reap aloe's full benefit, it is usually a better idea to drink aloe juice.

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Post 5

Aloe is also a Chinese medical herb called lu hui. It can used (according to the Materia Medica of Chinese Herbs) for certain types of constipation. Apparently it can kill parasites (round worm or ring worm) and may strengthen the stomach. It may also help with certain types of epigastric discomfort (above the stomach but below the sternum), dizziness, head ache, tinnitus.

Again this information is found in a traditional Chinese medicine herbal textbook, so I would suggest consulting a licensed healthcare practitioner before taking these herbs.

Post 4

A friend of mine said that aloe vera tablets are also good for premenstrual pains. Has anyone tried them for this and have benefited?

I don't have premetstrual pains every time, but sometimes it is very bad, especially if I'm going through a stressful time. Life literally stops for me and I can't seem to do anything because of the pain. Pain relievers help but only if I take a very high dose and that is not recommended for people with a sensitive stomach. Apparently, taking aloe vera tablets as a health supplement helps prevent this.

I would really love to hear more about this. I think it's also a very affordable supplement, so it would be great to have this as an option.

Post 3

@MrSmirnov-- I'm not sure about arthritis, but I know that aloe vera tablets are good for stomach hyperacidity and ulcers.

I was suffering from a bacterial infection that caused a lot of stomach acidity and reflux disease. I took acid reducing pills for about a year, but they were not very good and had a lot of side effects. A pharmacist told me to try aloe vera tablets and I did. It was so helpful, I didn't have to take the other medicines at all.

I know that aloe vera juice and even aloe vera drinks are available. But I don't like the flavor and sometimes the drinks have little pieces of aloe vera inside that I don't find very appetizing. I think aloe vera tablets are much better.

Post 2

@MrSmirnov - You should get your mom the aloe vera tablets and perhaps some aloe vera juice to drink. There are lots of benefits to aloe vera, and I have found that it does indeed help with arthritis pain.

For myself I have had issues with inflammation in my joints and find that the aloe vera tablets take the edge off of it. Your mom should make sure she talks to her doctor about the aloe vera though, because I am pretty sure that she will still need to take her prescription medications even if it does upset her stomach a bit.

As an added bonus though, aloe vera is also wonderful for your skin. It helps your complexion and gives you a nice healthy glow.

Post 1

Has anyone tried aloe vera tablets to help out with inflammatory illnesses like arthritis? Did you see immediate benefits, or was it something that took a long while?

My mother is suffering from bad arthritis and has trouble using her hands due to the pain. While her doctor has given her medication she finds it upsets her stomach and she hates having to take prescription medication to get through the day. I am really hoping that I can find a natural and healthy alternative for her to try. I just want her to be able to pursue the hobbies she used to enjoy, like knitting.

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