What Are Alkaline Supplements?

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Alkaline supplements are substances that are designed to supplement a person's diet and reduce the acid levels in the body. When the body experiences sluggishness, infections, indigestion, illness or disease, it might be a sign that the body is too acidic. It might be necessary to take alkaline supplements or make drastic changes to the diet. The latter is often more difficult to do, which is why consumers often turn to dietary supplements to assist with the necessary changes. Different kinds of alkaline supplements are available for aiding various degrees of acidity symptoms.

The optimal potenz hydrogen (pH) level of the body should be slightly alkaline. An ideal pH level for human blood is about 7.37. When the pH levels fall below this number, health problems can occur.

Typically, an unbalanced pH is often the cause of too much acid in the body, which forces the body to leach important minerals from the vital organs. It also can set the stage for chronic degenerative diseases. Nutritional experts recommend a diet that consists of 80 percent alkalizing foods, such as fruits and vegetables, and 20 percent fats and protein.

Before purchasing alkaline supplements, one must determine how severe the symptoms are. Supplements are available for initial, intermediate and advanced symptoms. Some people believe that taking an appropriate alkalizing supplement is just as important as eating a healthy diet.


Initial symptoms of over-acidity include aches and pains, white-coated tongue, cold hands, constipation and heartburn. Other initial symptoms might include hyperactivity, low sex drive and low energy levels. Intermediate symptoms include bacterial and fungal infections, earaches, flu and depression. Insomnia, migraine headaches, psoriasis and sinusitis also are intermediate symptoms. Advanced symptoms might include conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, schizophrenia, Hodgkin’s disease, multiple sclerosis and cancer.

Someone who is experiencing initial symptoms of acidosis might start with a supplement that provides alkalizing enzymes. When the body cannot produce efficient amounts of the enzymes required for digesting alkaline foods, the body becomes more acidic. If there are little or no results coming from the alkalizing enzyme supplement after six weeks, it could be an indication that the body is already producing the enzymes needed, which means that the consumer should choose at another type of supplement.

A dietary supplement that contains alkalizing greens will promote pH balance if the enzyme supplement did not produce results. Alkalizing supplements typically contain vegetables that help the body absorb vitamins, minerals, fiber, chlorophyll and phytonutrients. This helps neutralize the acids found in the blood and tissues.

Intermediate symptoms of acidosis require a supplement that contains alkalizing minerals, such as calcium, iron, potassium and manganese. These minerals buffer acids in the bodily tissues. Intermediate symptoms also suggest that the body is not getting enough healthy bacteria in the body. Alkaline supplements containing probiotics and prebiotics are necessary if indigestion or infections are present. Probiotics are healthy bacteria needed in the body, and prebiotics help the healthy bacteria live and thrive in the body.

For advanced acidosis, some people recommend taking a supplement that promotes acid drainage or contains so-called "superfruits." Powerful, antioxidant fruits are cleansing and healing. Many fruits actually are acidic, but after digestion, they provide an alkaline effect.


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Post 4

I've been using alkaline supplements for several months and they have really benefited me. First I thought that it might be a placebo effect but I'm convinced now that it isn't.

I have not had upset stomach since starting these supplements and I feel more energetic. My allergies have also reduced significantly. I haven't been taking anything else during this time so I'm sure that it's the alkaline supplements.

Post 3

@turquoise-- I think alkaline supplements might definitely benefit you. If you're not sure whether your pH level is the cause of your illnesses, get some pH test strips and test yourself. If you're on the acidic side, then alkaline supplements can bring you back to the right pH.

I use a liquid alkaline supplement. I add a few drops to my drinking water. It helps my body stay in the alkaline pH zone. I also recommend making some diet changes. For example, try to avoid soda which is very acidic.

Post 2

I've been experiencing many health problems lately and have the flu right now. I think my immune system is not very strong. I'm thinking about trying alkaline supplements but I'm not sure if they will help.

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