What are Agricultural Tires?

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Agricultural tires are specific tire designs that are made to outfit tractors, combines, and other machines used primarily for farming. Planners put some specific details into agricultural tractor tires, or similar tire styles, in order to help provide more functionality for the big engine equipment that farmers use to cultivate crops. Agricultural businesses can buy their agricultural tires from specialty tire shops, or from large national chains that include these kinds of choices in their inventory.

One of the main features of an agricultural tire is a set of diagonal protruding tread shapes at specific angles that help the agricultural tires dig into soil and move the vehicle along a dirt surface. In contrast to regular road tires, which have smaller, finer treads, agricultural tires are specifically made to power through a softer surface material. Some kinds of tractor tires include some tread designs for the roadway, but the general style is designed for off-roading, since the top speeds of tractors are lower than those of road cars and trucks.

In addition to specialized treads, agricultural tires are often built with other specific design features. These tire types may include a “flange protector” or similar piece for preventing debris from clogging the edges of a tire attachment. Dual rubber compounds help to limit the vulnerability of sidewalls to cracking or dry rot.


When it comes to agricultural tires, size is extremely important. Although road tires are also sized, there is a much wider range of tractor tires, up to several feet in diameter. Buyers look at detailed tables to select ag tires by size, load metrics, and more. It’s interesting to note that, although regular agricultural tires are made of similar materials to road tires, some tractors and other farm equipment have bare metal wheels instead of rubber tires.

When it comes to online tire sales, agricultural tires are often featured right along with other tire varieties. Farmers and agricultural businesses can make their purchases for tractor tires and other items right over the Web, with detailed shopping cart systems at their disposal. This kind of sales method helps make tire buying easier for those who have to outfit big moving ag machines. Some larger businesses may rely on specialized sales reps who set up ongoing contracts for bulk purchases of these important ag accessories.


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