What Are Acrylic Lamps?

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Acrylic lamps are made from a thick clear plastic that resembles glass. Some of these modern lamps may have an acrylic base or shade, while others are made entirely from this material. They come in many different sizes and can be contemporary or traditional-style fixtures. Although most units are clear lamps, they can be tinted a variety of colors.

Glass lamps are very attractive, but are also fragile. Acrylic lamps are an ideal solution to this problem because this material somewhat resembles glass yet is much more durable. Like clear lamps made from glass, those made from acrylic can also be somewhat expensive to purchase.

Many models of acrylic lamps contain a base made from this material. This is common among table lamps, which normally have a traditional fabric shade. Desk lamps on the other hand sometimes have an acrylic shade but a base made from metal.

Acrylic lamps can also be floor models. These types of lamps usually have a base or stand on the bottom of the piece which is made from acrylic. There is a long pole attached to the bottom, which can also be made from acrylic. They are usually very tall fixtures, and are between three and four feet (0.92 to 1.22 m) high.


Many of these types of lamps have very intricate detailing. They might have what appear to be tiny beads or balls on their bases. Other models may have dangling beads attached to the lampshade or the top of the base itself.

Most units are clear, and others may appear to be made from frosted glass. Others might contain intricate designs such as stripes or swirls. These plastic lamps could also be multi-colored. Some popular shades include black, blue, pink, or red. When acrylic lamps are painted, they are typically not transparent, as is the case with models that are unpainted.

Like other types of lamps, those made from acrylic generally have a short extension cord attached to them. Most use standard 40, 60, or 100-watt light bulbs. There is also a switch on acrylic lamps that turns them on and off, and some may have a dimmer switch as well.

Acrylic lamps can add beauty and charm to nearly any room. They can be easily cleaned by wiping them down with a damp cloth. For these reasons, investing in one of these units can be a wise idea for many homeowners.


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