What are Accent Pillows?

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Accent pillows are pillows designed to accent or complement the décor in a room. They may also be called throw pillows or decorative pillows, and there are plenty of uses for them in many rooms in the home. Though many people think of decorative pillows as providing the means to perk up a sad chair or revitalize the look of a sofa, these fluffy wonders are also popular in bedrooms, where their multiple colors and styles can blend with bed linens to create visual feasts or add comfort to bedroom benches and chairs.

Most central rooms in the home can benefit from a few accent pillows. These may be purchased with furniture and can help to bring the look of a whole room together. More often, people buy them separately to add additional color and flare to a room. It does help to choose colors or patterns that somehow complement the existing design. They don’t have to be exact matches to colors or fabrics used in the room, but they shouldn’t clash either.

When a room has numerous colors, it can sometimes hard to find just the right accent pillows. Some people turn to making their own, which is typically the least expensive way, or order them from custom design shops so they fit perfectly with the design scheme. Custom made accent pillows are usually the most expensive.


Accent pillows can come in various sizes and shapes. Though square shaped ones are common, it’s possible to find round, oblong and ovals, and numerous other shapes to provide just the right touch. Fabric choice is significant, and pillows may have extra features like lace trim, elaborate prints or even be printed with pictures. People may differ in the degree to which they care whether these pillows provide extra comfort. In an adequately cushioned room with well-made furniture, the pillows may not be designed for comfort. When selecting pillows for comfort, fabric and filling should be considered carefully.

Shoppers can find accent pillows in a variety of locations. In addition to custom made and home made types, there are numerous ones available in many department stores. Low priced ones can be obtained at places like Target®, and shoppers can expect to pay more for those from high-end department and furniture stores.

People may occasionally find deals on pillows when they purchase bedding, particularly comforter sets. Sometimes these come with several additional pillows. Many people end up removing the pillows each night before they go to bed, so it may be wise to consider having a place to stack them when not in use. Alternately, look for bedding sets that have practical and pretty accent pillows.


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Post 2

When I bought my new sofa, it actually came with two accent pillows, which was a surprise. They are nice and do look neat with the sofa. Well, they did until we started using them and the cat appropriated them for napping spots. So they look a little lumpy, now.

They're just stuffed with that fiberfill polyester, so I can get more of that and restuff them and plump them out nicely. I probably need to do that for the whole thing, too, since it's been used a lot.

That's one thing about accent pillows -- if they ever get used, be prepared to buy some stuffing and rehab them when they get lumpy.

Post 1

The last thing I want on my bed is an accent pillow or two -- or three, or four. I don't want to have to clear off my bed every night. I want to lift the blanket and crawl in bed without too much prep work.

Oh, they look nice, and with a bunch of them, you too, can have a bed that looks like it belongs in "Better Homes and Gardens." I'm afraid I'm not that ambitious.

Unless it's for a rarely-used guestroom, I have never seen the sense in having a perfectly coiffed bed. Chances are, I'm not going to have time to make it up every day, so a bedspread over the whole mess works for me.

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