What is Unique About Crater of Diamonds State Park?

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Have you ever heard of a diamond mine that is open to the public? Perhaps, but it’s doubtful that you know of many that will allow you to keep what you find. That’s what is unique about Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas. Not only can you hunt for diamonds, but you can also keep them!

Crater of Diamonds State Park is unique, being the only park of its kind not only in the United States, but also in the world. It is located in Murfreesboro, Arkansas and people come from near and far to visit and try their luck. There have been thousands of diamonds found, including record-breaking diamonds discovered since the park opened.

Visiting such a destination makes for a very interesting vacation. Arkansas is a beautiful state offering many wonderful parks, but not much could be as exciting as mining diamonds. Many families visit each year in the hope of walking away with the big one.

While most people are not likely to become wealthy mining for diamonds, there have been some quite notable gems discovered at Crater of Diamonds State Park. Some are diamonds of record due to their size, while with others, it is the quality that makes them so special. The largest find was just over 40 carats, and the highest quality diamond is on permanent display at the park.


The "Strawn-Wagner Diamond" was discovered in 1990. The American Gem Society has determined it to be the rarest, most perfect cut diamond certified by AGS as of 2006. The cut is just over a carat and it has been mounted in a setting made of pure platinum and gold. It is said that diamonds this perfect in color, cut, and flawlessness are one in one billion.

It only costs a few dollars per person per day to visit Crater of Diamonds State Park. You can rent or buy mining tools when you arrive if you don’t wish to bring your own. You can also have your finds examined by trained personnel. They’ll let you know if indeed you have located a diamond, although they cannot appraise the value. Another service offered by the park is to provide you with information about having large stones cut.

Many people visit the Crater of Diamonds State Park and never find a thing. However, many leave with at least a small gem as a souvenir, even if they don’t uncover a rare, flawless diamond. These rough gems are often made into pendants. Even though they don’t have great value, they make pleasant souvenirs from the mining adventure.


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