Should You Wash Clothes inside out?

Housekeeping experts recommend washing clothes inside out to increase their longevity. Turning clothes inside out before laundering might help prevent brightly colored items from fading because of direct exposure to detergent and hot water. It also is thought to help reduce the chance of buttons, zippers or other items on the clothing snagging on or rubbing against other clothes or the washing machine. Clothing made from fabric that is prone to pilling, or the formation of small fabric balls, tend to benefit the most from being washed inside out. Clothing that includes embroidery or patches is also especially recommended to be washed inside out to prevent those additional items from loosening or fading.

More about clothing care:

  • It is considered to be a myth that soaking highly pigmented, brightly colored clothing in salt or vinegar will prevent the dyes from bleeding onto other items. Items that have been bled onto should be rewashed while still wet to prevent staining.

  • Ironing over a fresh stain might make it set permanently from the heat.

  • Using too much water for the load amount or stuffing clothes in too tightly so they cannot freely agitate might cause clothes to fade prematurely and could loosen seams.
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I am so glad that the public at large picked up on this. If it's a garment, say a shirt and blouse, just turn it on the wrong side (navy and black). It gives you additional wearing for the season, as it were.

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