Should Men get Manicures?

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Some men definitely enjoy getting manicures, and many men who are new initiates to the process of manicures wonder why they waited so long to get one. Although manicures were once associated with “femininity,” masculine manicures keep the nails neat, trim and clean. Many men also appreciate pedicures, and enjoy both mani/pedi treatments at the same time.

There are few reasons why men should not get manicures. These mainly have to do with the types of jobs men work. It may be harder to maintain a clean, finished manicured look if one does heavy physical labor that involves the hands. Clear polish put on the nails may be prone to chipping under these circumstances. Women who labor in the same fashion often avoid manicures too, because they may be difficult to maintain. Although the manicure may not last long, it may be beneficial to smooth dry skin on frequently washed hands, and to get the nails clean.

In professions where the hands are more lightly used, manicures are great for men and women alike. Especially those people who must use their hands in sales professions, in performing arts, or in business jobs will benefit from have nicely manicured nails. Also, it’s a great way to simply have some pampering on the side, as well as for keeping a clean and trimmed appearance.


If one isn’t used to getting manicures, one might want to look for a “man-friendly” nail salon. Some day spas, which cater to both men and women, offer manicures and pedicures. This environment may feel a little more comfortable to initiates than would a beauty salon geared toward women. A great treat can be to take a wife, girlfriend, or a favorite sister along with you to both get manicures. It may make the process seem just a little more comfortable for first-timers.

However, in most professions, no one requires men to get manicures. As long as the nails are kept neat and trim, it’s a fashion trend no man is required to follow. It is increasingly more acceptable for men to take care of their nails by getting manicures. If, on the other hand, one doesn’t want to get one, this choice is perfectly viable.


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Post 9

For so many years, I had a severe nail biting problem and just couldn't stop. That was until I went to have a manicure one day at this ladies and gents place and I have never bitten my nails since. Anyone who says that this is 'gay' is either immature or just doesn't know what gay means.

Post 7

I am a guy who has been getting pedicures for many years. I am married and always get a professional pedicure every two weeks. I have tried many colors of nail polish on my toes, including blue, gray, and silver, but I really prefer bright red. My favorite colors are OPI Dutch Tulips and OPI Big Apple Red. I usually wear women's open toe sandals and my toes are on display 24/7/365 whenever I am not at work.

I wear women's sandals because men's sandals are very heavy and large and they make my feet look even larger. Women's sandals make the foot look smaller and they have a lot of adornments and are prettier. I get a lot of

compliments from women on my pedicures and choice of color. Many famous athletes and TV personalities are wearing nail polish on their toes. Just look up men wearing nail polish and you will see. It is fun to wear polish on your toes like girls have been doing for many years. Try a professional pedicure with colored nail polish and I'm sure that you will love it! --Jamie
Post 6

People, please. What is one of the first things a woman notices about a man? His hands, specifically his nails! The second thing is his shoes. It does not matter which continent, or culture: the nails denote his personal hygiene, and his shoes denote his profession and status.

Post 5

@anon41267: I totally agree with you. I think it looks very nice on a man to have clean, clipped nails. I know that a lot of men work jobs in which their fingers and nails get damaged. A manicure could make all the difference in the world!

Post 3

Yes, now men should go manicure.

Because on these days, ladies are pushing up the bar as to the kind of men they would like to date and, eventually, be their spouses. They are keen on the hygiene that men keep, as they would not like to stay around someone who does not know how to keep themselves clean.

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