Should I Wear Leggings as Pants?

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Several factors may influence your decision whether to wear leggings as pants. If you have heavy thighs or consider yourself overweight, you might not prefer to wear leggings as pants. Wearing leggings as pants will generally bring attention to your legs and backside, as this type of apparel is extremely tight fitting. Wearing a long flowing top over the leggings may be more appropriate under certain circumstances. You should also consider where you will be wearing the leggings, as it may not be considered appropriate for certain places or occasions.

Wearing leggings as pants may not be the correct dress code for work, school, or certain functions and events. Therefore, you should learn beforehand if leggings are considered acceptable attire. In addition to proper dress code, there are other aspects to consider. If wearing leggings with a long sweater or tunic, the look should be modest enough for everyday casual wear.

Some fashion experts believe wearing leggings without pants is a fashion faux pas. It is best is to use logic and good sense when considering wearing leggings as pants. It seems logical that most people will not consider wearing leggings as pants to church or to an important business meeting. You will also not be likely to wear leggings without pants to a formal party.


For many people, leggings are very comfortable for casual wear. For lounging around the house on a lazy Saturday afternoon, tight leggings without pants might be a practical solution. This choice should be suitable if you live alone or do not have children at home.

Although wearing leggings without pants is a personal choice, you might feel hesitant to do so. There are alternatives to wearing traditional leggings. Some styles of leggings are made to look similar to denim jeans. Therefore, a good choice might be denim material for your leggings. Stretch denim leggings are considered less revealing, while offering the comfort and style you may prefer.

If you decide to wear denim leggings without pants, consider the material it is made from. It's best to choose a combination of 95 percent cotton and five percent Spandex®. This combination for your leggings should offer flexibility and durability.


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