Should I Use Garlic for Yeast Infection?

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Using garlic for yeast infection treatments is a very simple process. By eating a full fresh clove of garlic daily, or applying a clove of garlic directly to the infection, the fungal invasion can be cured. Consuming garlic regularly may also have a preventative effects against yeast infections.

Garlic has been used as an antibacterial and anti-fungal treatment for many years. If used in the early stages of infection, garlic can quickly clear up different types of yest infections. Raw, fresh garlic is typically hailed as the best herbal remedy for this problem. A full garlic clove can be eaten and washed down with a glass of water for a quick daily treatment.

If chewing garlic for yeast infection treatments proves to be unpleasant, it may be ground into a juice if desired. The garlic can be finely minced before being added to water or juice. It can also be quickly swallowed and followed with a quick drink to wash the taste away.


Different types of yeast infections can be relieved with garlic. Vaginal yeast infections can be treated by inserting a garlic clove, or garlic tab, directly into the vagina every few hours. To make this process more comfortable, the cloves can be wrapped in a small piece of gauze and lubricated. Inserting such a poultice overnight can help rid the body of a yeast infection quickly. One to two nights of application are typically required for a successful treatment.

For skin outbreaks, a direct application of garlic for yeast infection treatment is often recommended. This process can be a simple as rubbing the affected area gently with a fresh clove of garlic. Though this application is not conducted orally, many people still report tasting the garlic following the treatment.

People who do not enjoy the flavor of the herb may purchase supplements of garlic for yeast infection instead. The supplements should be used as directed. Some people may insert the capsules vaginally; however, many opt to take them orally with water.

Many other natural and food-based remedies can be used to treat early yeast infections as well. Plain yogurt, tea tree oil, and several different herbs can provide effective relief from a yeast infection. Like garlic, these remedies often have no side effects, are less expensive to use, and are often easier to apply than some prescription medications.

Should symptoms persist, or if severe discharge occurs, a physician should be consulted. Recurring yeast infections can be a sign of another underlying health issue. A doctor can accurately diagnose and treat yeast infections that frequently reappear.


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Post 5

It will take longer to have an effect on vaginal yeast infection if garlic is taken orally. I was so desperate due to yeast infection that I tried inserting a garlic clove in my vaginal with a string tied to it (sewn) so I could get it out. I am a virgin and never had anything up there, but I was desperate. So far I did it for three days and I am taking a break. It's too early for me to say much on it since mine seems to be advanced. But I do feel there is an improvement for now. I will post an update on my progress when I get a chance.

Post 4

I have used garlic for vaginal yeast infections in the past and it works very well. I didn't believe it until I was desperate and was willing to try anything. To my surprise, I felt relief over night. I wrapped a clove in gauze and attached a string and put it in over night for about a week and it worked. I only had to do it at night.

Post 3

@simrin-- Eating garlic is okay, although I have my doubts about it. We don't even know how much garlic is needed to treat a yeast infection and I kind of doubt that someone can eat enough garlic every day for it to be effective.

Some women actually put a clove of garlic inside their vagina to treat a yeast infection. I think this is a terrible idea, I personally would never do that. It doesn't seem safe at all.

Plus, there are many other remedies for yeast infections out there like tea tree oil for example.

Post 2

@simrin-- My sister used the garlic method for a yeast infection once. She was pregnant and wanted to treat it with natural remedies. It worked for her, but I'm not sure if it will work for everyone.

As far as I know, she ate garlic and also applied the garlic topically. I think you should at least cut the garlic before swallowing it so that it's easier to digest. I don't think you have to chew it. And you should continue doing this until all your symptoms are gone.

Post 1

I have a hard time believing that the garlic is a cure for yeast infections, but I'm willing to try it because I'm desperate. Do I have to chew the garlic? Can I just swallow it whole?

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