Should I Buy Screens for my Patio?

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Patio screens are specialized types of screens designed to wrap around a patio. There are many different types of patio screens to choose from. Some patio screens are retractable, which allows them to be drawn up or down depending on whether you need them or not. Other patio screens are permanent fixtures. In either case, high quality patio screens are made in such a way that you can see through them clearly and enjoy the landscaping around your patio.

Patio screens have a number of benefits that make them attractive to homeowners. First of all, patio screens make it possible for you to sit on your patio and spend time outdoors without worrying about insects or mosquitoes putting a damper on your enjoyment. This is particularly beneficial when you are entertaining guests outdoors.

Another benefit of patio screens is the shade they can provide to your patio. Many homeowners do not fully enjoy their patios, particularly during the hot summer months, because it is simply too uncomfortable to sit outside in the sun. With patio screens, the patio remains well ventilated while providing shading from the sun. This is particularly true of solar patio screens, which are specifically designed to reduce heat.


Patio screens can also help save money in the long run, particularly if you have windows or doors leading out to your patio. According to the United States Department of Energy, shading the outside portion of doors and windows that are exposed to sun is the best way for a homeowner to prevent the home from becoming overheated and to save energy. In addition, the Energy Efficiencies and Renewable Energy Clearinghouse has reported that approximately 40% of heat loss and build-up is due to doors and windows. It has been demonstrated in other studies that shade-exposed doors and windows can reduce a home’s temperature by as much as 28°F (2°C).

At the same time, it may not be necessary for you to purchase patio screens. If you are not bothered by the temperature of your patio during the summer months, it may not be practical for you to purchase patio screens. In addition, the layout of your patio and your home may make patio screens unattractive. Whether or not you find them to be an attractive addition to your home is entirely up to your own personal taste. Furthermore, installing patio screens can be a somewhat expensive undertaking, and the money you save from energy conservation may not make it worth your while.


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@heavanet- Since different types of screens are labeled differently depending on particular needs, it is important to ask for help when shopping for them. When you go to your local home improvement or hardware store, talk to a sales representative about the best types of screens for patios that will also be effective at providing shading from the sun. He or she should be able to help you find the exact type of patio screens that your friend needs to do her project.

Post 2

@heavanet- You should look for patio screens that have a dark tint to them. Silver screens will not minimize the sun's rays like black screens will, so those are the type that you should help your friend find.

Post 1

I'm helping a friend install new patio screens, and she wants to cut back on the glare from the sun. She already has the framework around her patio, so all she will need is the best type of screens for her needs. What tips should I follow when helping her find screens that will help to keep the sun from disrupting her time on her patio?

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