Should Graduate Students get Business Cards?

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As a graduate student, you've surely encountered times when someone wanted your address and phone number, or perhaps a link to your latest paper. Didn't you wish that you had a convenient way to pass along that information without fumbling for a pen and a scrap of paper? Business cards may provide the solution.

While you typically think of established professionals needing business cards, people from all walks of life can benefit from a card that lists their vital information. You don't need a company name or impressive title; simply list your contact information, website and a few words about your research, specialty or skills. Business cards can lend an aura of professionalism to your next encounter and just make it easier to pass along this information.

Business cards are useful at any networking opportunity. While graduate students are often caught up in the research and work of the present, you should always keep your future goals in mind. The contacts you make during your studies can be instrumental in finding a job or research position after graduation. Whether you're attending a conference or visiting your college's career fair, keep your name in new acquaintances' minds by handing them a business card.


One thing that may hold graduate students back from getting business cards is the potential cost. However, they can be inexpensive if you get a basic style and shop around for the best price. In fact, you can even create them yourself on your home computer, and they'll cost even less.

Graduate students may also feel self-conscious about creating business cards. You're "just" a student, so why should you have them? If you have confidence in yourself and realize that it's a convenient way to network and share contact information, you'll never need to feel strange about handing someone your business card.


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Post 7

If a graduate student chooses to get business cards made, what kind of look do you think they should go for?

Personally I think that it should reflect their personality and program of choice. For example, for those who are in a Master of Fine Arts graduate program, having an example of their work on one side of the card and information on the other would be great advertising, as well as eye-catching.

For those in something like a Master of Business Arts program, having a standard professional card would fit best I think. You could even go to the trouble of designing a monogram for your cards for a little extra something.

Post 6

I think that business cards are especially important for graduate students because of the amount they have invested in their programs.

Having something that you can give to new contacts, and being able to network easily is vital for any student starting to look for positions.

With business cards, a good idea if you are on a budget, is to invest in a business card print and design software package. This can be bought at most stationary stores. The software helps you design the look of your cards, and it comes with paper that you can use to print your cards out on. The cards are punched out of the larger print sheet and ready to go quickly.

Post 5

@Anon77457 -I think that that is a great idea. The only time I think that it would be beneficial for a graduate student to have glossy business cards is if he or she is going to a networking event in their field and are looking for job opportunities.

As long as the graduate student has some experience in the field they could also place their title with the anticipated graduation date. My sister in law did this in anticipation of her graduation and was able to get a job at one of her networking events.

There are a lot of business card templates so it would not be hard to design.

Post 3

another option is to put in all your contact info and whatever else in your mobile phone's address book. then when you meet someone you can send that info as a contact card via bluetooth to their phone! i would say this would be possible nowadays with newer phones all probably having bluetooth.

Post 1

As a recent graduate I decided to invest in some business cards with my resume on it. I had printed them out myself before but decided to order some online and they were great! Maybe check them out if you're looking for some business cards!

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