Is Vitamin D a Hormone?

Vitamin D is technically classified as a hormone — a chemical made by the body — rather than a standard vitamin. Unlike other vitamins, the vitamin D hormone can be created by the body instead of being absorbed through the consumption of foods. The body is able to make vitamin D through exposure to sunlight. It is then sent to the liver and converted to a hormone that primarily helps with bone strength. People who are unable to have regular access to sunlight and are at risk for vitamin D deficiency can take supplements as a substitution but are generally unable to get enough from their diet.

More about vitamin D:

  • Although vitamin D can be added to foods, such as fortified juice or dairy products, about 90% of the body’s vitamin D comes from sunlight.

  • Six days in a row of sunlight exposure is thought to be able to make up for approximately 49 days without it, in terms of vitamin D absorption.

  • Elderly people who take vitamin D supplements might decrease their risk of falling and breaking bones by 22%, compared with those who don’t.

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Do bodies get Vitamin D from tanning beds? My sister looks like a burned piece of orange peel from being in a tanning bed so much. But she says she is getting needed vitamin D. Would it not be better to take supplements? I am confused. She is outside a lot.

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It also helps with depression.

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