Is There a Tinnitus Cure?

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Those suffering from tinnitus often seek a viable tinnitus cure. In order to consider various tinnitus cure options, the ailment itself must be broken down into two different categories: objective tinnitus and subjective tinnitus. Since two types of tinnitus exist, there are also two unique categories of possible cures.

Science has largely narrowed down the cause of objective tinnitus to muscle spasms that occur within the ear. These spasms often cause clicking or cracking noises that can be heard by both the patient and the examiner. Since the underlying cause of objective tinnitus has been found, specific surgical procedures have been created and adapted to eliminate objective tinnitus.

Those dealing with objective tinnitus can search for cures of a surgical nature. Specific procedures such as Gamma knife radiosurgery, Teflon® implants, and a surgical cleansing of the ear canal are all possible options for an objective tinnitus patient. Most of these cures tend to be relatively effective across the board.

Contrastingly, there is no known cause of subjective tinnitus. Various hypotheses exist as to why subjective tinnitus occurs, though none of them are concrete. Thus, one conclusive tinnitus cure for subjective tinnitus is not yet a possibility. Many patients report relief after attempting various alternative health treatments, though this is mostly a matter of trial and error.


Different vitamins and alternative drugs have proven effective in some subjective tinnitus patients. Other cures include electrical therapy, surgical, light based therapies, and various mental health treatments. Some patients also find that seeking counseling or stress relief therapy is helpful. While there are many probable subjective tinnitus cures available, the effectiveness of each cure tends to vary from patient to patient.

Those seeking a cure for subjective or objective tinnitus should first visit with a qualified medical professional. Seeking an effective tinnitus cure begins with a certain diagnosis. It should also be mentioned that many medical professionals do not believe in finding a tinnitus cure at all, since it is largely believed that tinnitus is not an actual disease.

Numerous studies have shown that tinnitus is a symptom of a disease, yet it is not the actual ailment. Thus, it is the underlying cause of tinnitus that should be sought prior to any form of possible treatment. Those that conform to this theory believe that tinnitus can be cured if the original cause is found. Further, it is also believed that some forms of tinnitus can be avoided through preventative measures.


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Post 18

I have 8 khz, 12.5khz and 16 khz tinnitus.

i'm having hrt therapy, my therapy is music type

there is white noise in ambient music and other relaxing sounds.

i know people who can deal with tinnitus after this therapy. and you don't need pay lot of money about this therapy.

Post 17

Cutting back on aspirin helped me.

Post 16

I suffered from tinnitus for two years, and most people I shared my discomfort with would stare back in disbelief. It went away when my GP gave me medicines for my migraine attacks! MG

Post 15

I am beginning to have some tinnitus. Years ago I read that one cause is the ingestion of fake sugars. Maybe wiseGEEK would look into that for us. Thanks for all of your tidbits of info!

Post 14

I have had ringing in my ears for years. I take medicine for epilepsy. could this possibly be the cause?

Post 13

There has been help through hypnosis for subjective and objective tinnitus. See John Melton at HMI in Tarzana California. He does phone sessions as well.

Post 12

so the only symptom you mentions is clicking or crackling in the ear. what is constant ringing in ears that i have had for 30-plus years? any cures?

Post 11

I'm disappointed that this article told me nothing other than that there are possible remedies and that I should seek medical help. I'd like to understand the ailment better. It is very annoying.

Post 10

Hello all your wisegeeks! I am 66 and since 10 years left deaf. Here in the Netherlands 'they' call it sudden deafness. Its not cured here. The 'doctor' told me that I should learn to live with it. Rubbish! Too late I learned that in Germany doctors cure patients with immediately natrium solutions by infusion. Result 80 percent successful cured patients. Unbelievable but true.Cheers.

Post 9

I've heard that acupuncture by a qualified practitioner can be very helpful.

Post 8

Please tell me which is the best medicine for nerves growing.

Post 6

I used a sound synthesiser to tune in to the frequency I do hear. However some times the noise sounds like a diesel engine ticking over. inconvenient when you have a bus stop outside your house.

Post 5

The problem is tinnitus can be just one of a variety of symptoms to more life altering conditions. Please research Ménière's disease. It comes on out of the blue, hiding as less serious problems, and can be 100% ignored by your medical provider. It is a disease of "civilization" rather than any attack by biological agent. It is also on the rise. Learn about it, and keep watch on your family and friends. Mine started from a clogged ear I just couldn't seem to get rid of with anything I did, or was given to treat it. It got worse, a lot worse.

I have medication which controls the worse symptoms, but the sensation of that clogged ear will likely be with me for the rest of my life. Considering the other possibilities, I'm quite happy with my clogged ear.

Post 4

Interestingly, objective tinnitus can actually be measured by a doctor because a sound is being emitted from the ear!

Post 3

I am an Iridologist/herbalist and have over 20 years experience in the natural health field. Interestingly enough there are so many variations in this subject. Some have food allergies or sensitivities. Some people think it happens if they are upset. Some feel it's sugar or honey. Personally, chamomile tea with cardamom and honey at bedtime makes my ears buzz for a little while, then I seem to forget it and am so relaxed I fall asleep. Ear candling is a good way to relieve pressure in your ears and seems to relieve some of the noise for some people.

Post 2

How is it confirmed whether the tinnitus is subjective or objective?

Post 1

Wheather it be objective or subjective tinnitus, it must be difficult to live with the constant humming or ringing in your ears.

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