Is There a Link between Unemployment and Heart Attack?

Research has shown a link between unemployment and heart attack. A major study showed that unemployment increases a person's chances of having a heart attack by about 35%. Moreover, the increased risk exists for unemployed individuals regardless of their race, sex or ethnicity. A person's heart attack risk also increases with subsequent job losses.

More about joblessness and health:

  • Some studies have shown that unemployed people are more likely to suffer from both physical and mental health problems, although people who have strong support from family members and friends are less likely to become ill.

  • Voluntary retirement does not seem to have any effect on a person's risk of heart attack.

  • Experts are not sure why unemployment increases a person's risk of heart attack. Some say that a lack of health insurance might contribute to cardiovascular risk factors.

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Apply for a job, get knocked back. Apply for a job, get knocked back. Apply for a job, get knocked back. Self-doubt. Failure. Depression. No work, lacking sense of purpose and fulfillment. No friendships from the work environment, no other friends - they are working. Shame of being without work. Exhaustion from being so depressed. Too tired to tidy the house and the mess makes you even more depressed. Centrelink requires you to hunt for work and the money will be cut off it you don't do it. Apply for work, get knocked back. Apply for work, get knocked back. Failure reinforced.

It's depressing. I spend so much time looking for work, and my university-acquired skills are fading with lack of use. I feel useless, helpless and so ashamed. I just wish it would all stop, but I have a child to raise. What kind of example am I setting? God help me. Exhausted? Keep going! Apply for work, get knocked back... Take heart, fellow unemployed, there are others (me for one) who know how it feels.


The reason why a majority of people end up having a heart attack is because people go through a lot of stress, since they need to find ways to support themselves and their families while being unemployed.

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