Is Online Photo Storage Safe?

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The use of online photo storage has increased dramatically over the last decade. A simple and convenient way to manage photos, this type of storage solution offers the benefit of immediate retrieval from any computer connected to the Internet, as long as the user has access to the proper login credentials for the account. While for the most part online photo storage is a very safe option, there is a slight degree of risk that users should keep in mind.

From one perspective, online photo storage is a solution that helps to minimize the problems connected with other types of online storage. Saving photos to hard drives, pen drives, or CD-Rs is convenient, but there is also the risk that a catastrophic event such as a fire would destroy the devices, effectively destroying the electronic files at the same time. With online photo storage, fires or natural disasters may cause a great deal of damage to personal property, but those uploaded photos are safe from harm, and will still be in place when the account owner is able to log into the account once again.


The main danger with online photo storage is the possibility that the service provider will experience technical issues that would result in the loss of the photos stored in different user accounts. This could come about due to a number of factors, such as corruption of the server used to store the electronic data, hacking activity, or even the physical destruction of the facility housing the server. For this reason, many digital photo storage sites have some sort of redundancy strategy in place that preserves the data in another location in cyberspace, such as a second server that is attached to the network but physically located at a different facility. In the event that the primary server is compromised in some manner, the secondary or backup server activates and allows access to the photos by authorized users to continue with little to no interruption in service.

In order to manage the slight degree of risk associated with using an online photo storage service, consumers can create their own type of backup storage solution. This will often include using a pen drive or CD-R to create copies of the saved images, and placing those devices in a secure location. Since the chances of both the devices in the possession of the end user and the remote storage solution offered by the online photo storage sites failing at the same time are extremely low, the user is likely to be adequately prepared for just about any type of situation.


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Post 3

I am overwhelmed by all the choices when it comes to online digital photo storage. It seems like there are so many options, and I haven't spent much time researching what the different advantages are.

I have some friends who keep all of their photos in an online photo album. This is an easy way for friends and family to see pictures of their kids and activities.

Many sites also offer a lot of other options such as books and other products you can have with customized photos on them.

I imagine this is where many of these sites make their money. It might be free to store a certain number of photos there, but then you would use their other services to do extra things with your photos.

Post 2

I am not very organized when it comes to my digital photos. I have more than one photo program on my computer, and it seems like I have photos scattered everywhere.

Many of them are still on the smart card and haven't even been transferred to my computer yet.

I have often thought about using online photo storage for all of my photos. I think this would help keep me better organized.

What is the difference between free online photo storage and those that charge a fee for this service?

Post 1

I take a lot of pictures, and love the convenience of photo online storage. Knowing all of my pictures are in one place, and easy to find is a big plus for me.

Even though I rely on online photo storage for my photos, I still make sure I have them backed up somewhere else.

I just don't want to take the chance of something happening and not being able to have access to my photos.

This only takes a few minutes to do, but I do find that I get lazy about it. A few months may go by and I realize it has been awhile since I backed up my new photos.

I haven't had any bad experiences so far, and have never had to use my backup CD's, but it gives me peace of mind knowing I have them stored in more than one place.

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