Is Kickboxing Good for Kids?

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The prevalence of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has made kickboxing an increasingly popular sport in numerous areas throughout the world. It is a sport that offers a number of benefits, particularly in health, fitness, and self-confidence. For these reasons, it makes an ideal activity for adults and kids alike.

There are a number of kickboxing academies with programs specially designed for kids. Most of these programs exist to teach children the basic fundamentals of combat and athletics. Aside from kickboxing, some schools also combine other martial arts techniques into the teachings. These may include karate, Tae Kwon Do, Jiu-Jitsu, and Muay Thai, a popular combat sport that originated in Thailand. By learning a variety of techniques, kids have the opportunity to develop their own unique style.

Kickboxing academies aim to teach the students how to properly defend themselves in a wide range of situations. Reputable schools begin by teaching kids how to solve problems without the use of violence. Instead of being trained on how to attack with aggressive violence, students learn how to neutralize potential assailants using various concepts of leverage. These academies strive to arm kids with the skills and confidence they need to handle themselves in almost any type of potentially troublesome confrontation.


Quality schools offer programs that not only teach kids the fundamentals of kickboxing, but also assist with discipline, motivation, and self confidence. Many parents are discovering that these programs can help their children excel in other areas outside of martial arts. For example, a child may do better in school because of the discipline he developed while in the academy. Likewise, the physical exercise they get can help them excel in other sports, while developing confidence that can help them feel better about life in general.

Kickboxing can be a fun activity that helps promote the physical health and overall well-being of children. The studying of the martial arts has also proven to offer benefits from a mental and emotional aspect. With the proper training in the right environment, kids have the opportunity to develop a strong worth ethic and respect for peers, adults, and — as importantly — for themselves.

Many parents have found that kickboxing is a great way for kids to improve their flexibility and enjoy a safe cardiovascular workout. Due to the rising popularity of the sport, more academies are emerging to offer programs for children who want to get involved. Parents looking to enroll their child in an academy are encouraged to speak with a physical education teacher or staff member at their local community center to learn more information about available programs.


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Post 3

@pleonasm - It's because it's dangerous that you really need to make sure you've got a decent kickboxing instructor. That goes double if the class has a mix of ages. It is all too easy for small kids to get hurt when in this kind of environment.

Post 2

@bythewell - Even with a mediocre teacher I think kickboxing or other martial arts are good for kids, because they will get a realistic experience of fighting techniques. I remember when I was at school and the Power Rangers were really popular that the teachers were constantly having to suspend students who were kicking and punching each other in the playground, because they were imitating the show.

If you do some real kickboxing training, you realize that it's not actually all that easy and that it really hurts when someone hits you back.

If kids only ever see that kind of thing on TV and don't have any real life experience of it, I think they get the wrong impression of it and that can be very dangerous.

Post 1

You really should go to a couple of sessions to make sure that your kids are being encouraged to see violence as a last resort, rather than an answer to everything.

Kickboxing classes are really dependent on the teacher, because there is no standard format for them. If you find a great teacher, they can be the best thing you've ever taken your kids to. If not, they can do some damage, just like any bad teacher might.

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