Is It worth the Price for Expensive Perfumes?

Patti Kate

Buying expensive perfumes doesn't necessarily ensure you'll prefer the scent over that of lower-priced fragrances. Some costly perfumes offer exotic ingredients, however. The quality of some expensive perfumes may also be better than that of cheap colognes. The decision of whether to spend a lot of money on perfumes should be weighed carefully.

While the low cost is appealing, cheap perfumes are typically low-quality.
While the low cost is appealing, cheap perfumes are typically low-quality.

It might be worth spending more money for perfumes, if the user is sensitive to certain ingredients. Some of the high-cost fragrances are made with natural or organic oils, making them less likely to cause irritation. Synthetic ingredients found in some cheap fragrances may cause skin rashes or other reactions. For someone who has sensitivity issues, buying expensive perfume may be worth the cost.

Expensive perfumes will not necessarily provide you with a more preferable scent.
Expensive perfumes will not necessarily provide you with a more preferable scent.

It's wise to weigh the pros and cons of purchasing costly perfumes. Some experts believe wearing expensive fragrances is a waste of money, as the concentrated formula simply does not create the desired effect. Many of the high-priced perfumes are created by mixing fragrant oils together. The fusion of several scents may be overbearing to some. Others believe, however, this helps define the essence of human pheromones.

These factors may not be relevant to everyone who prefers expensive perfume. Some people buy costly perfumes simply for the decorative bottles they come in. Buying expensive designer fragrances, or designer clothing and accessories, may be a hobby for some. Some people enjoy collecting these perfumes, just as others collect porcelain. For collectors of exotic fragrances, it is worth the price.

Very expensive perfume may be packaged in a limited-edition bottle. Many of these perfumes are bottled in delicate crystal. Some manufacturers issue a series of collectible bottles. Some bottles may be made with gold plating, making the perfume more desirable for some. Collectors find buying these high-end perfumes to be a worthwhile hobby.

Additionally, expensive fragrances may be custom made for the discriminating collector. Some collectors request various custom bottle designs. It is not uncommon for celebrities to request custom designed bottles to reflect their taste.

Buying an expensive perfume as a unique gift to present to a special recipient can often be worth the cost. For special occasions, it may be worth the money to indulge in a bottle of costly perfume. For those who find it impractical to buy very expensive fragrances, there is an alternative. A favorite fragrance may be purchased at a lower cost in a spray cologne, rather than a perfume bottle.

Expensive perfume may be packaged in a limited-edition bottle.
Expensive perfume may be packaged in a limited-edition bottle.

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@fify, @turkay1-- I don't know why you guys are arguing over this -- clearly, it's a personal preference!

More expensive perfumes work better for some people and cheaper ones work better for others. If you ask me, I use both! I have a couple of high end, very expensive perfumes that were gifted to me by my husband and mom. I do like them and generally use them on special occasions.

I also have several much cheaper perfumes that I use on a daily basis. I can't afford to buy expensive perfumes all the time, so that's why I don't use them every day. I save them for important days. I don't worry about using up cheaper perfumes because I can always buy more.

So neither one can really replace the other, they both have their place with me.


@fify-- I actually like perfumes that are light and disappear in several hours!

I am really sensitive to scents and heavy and long-lasting scents give me a migraine. I've tried some of those really expensive perfumes at the mall. They are usually too heavy for me and by the time I go home, I have a terrible migraine.

I've even had an allergic reaction to one of those perfumes before. I sprayed it on my skin at the store and five minutes later, I developed a red itchy rash there! It was horrible, it didn't go away until I took a shower and washed it all off!

I like cheaper perfumes for exactly this reason. They are lighter, more refreshing and never give me migraines. As sensitive as I am, I've never had an allergic reaction to cheaper perfumes either. Expensive perfumes are not worth it at all in my opinion.


I've used many different kinds of perfumes, expensive, cheap, from well known brands as well as brands I had never heard of before. Quality wise, I do believe that more expensive perfumes have better quality. Higher end perfumes are more potent, longer lasting and provide a wider range of scents to choose from.

I bought a cheap perfume just recently and the perfume was literally missing the last note! Perfumes have three notes. The first note is the scent you smell in the first 15 minutes of applying it. The second note is the second scent you smell in the next 30 minutes. The final, third note is the last scent that remains on your skin and lingers on for ideally several hours minimum.

This cheap perfume does not have a third note! It disappears in 45 minutes! I never have this happen with more expensive perfumes, their scent usually stays with me all day.

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