Is It Safe for Pregnant Women to Travel by Air?

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Many question whether it is safe for pregnant women to travel by air. When you’re talking about commercial airlines, and not rocket ships, parasailing, or bungee jumping, most doctors believe that it is safe for healthy pregnant women to fly under most circumstances. There are a few contraindications to flying when you are pregnant, and some airlines may not allow it after the 36th week of pregnancy, unless you have a note from a medical professional clearing you to fly.

It’s also the case that it may not be safe for pregnant women to travel by air frequently. While in flight, you are exposed to low levels of radiation. Consistent exposure, if you are a flight attendant or a pilot may make flying on too regular a basis unsafe, since radiation — even in low levels — can affect fetal development. Airlines frequently have rules to protect their employees from retaining their regular jobs if they are pregnant. This may not apply if you work at a job, not at an airline, where you must travel by air frequently. If your job or lifestyle requires frequent travel, you may need to discuss the potential impacts on your pregnancy and fetal health.


Most medical experts suggest that it is safe for pregnant women to fly during the first two trimesters, but recommend not flying during the third trimester unless absolutely necessary. Cautions during the first trimester may have more to do with physical comfort than anything else. Provided a woman is healthy and the pregnancy is progressing normally, air travel is usually fine, but it may make early pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness and nasal congestion worse. There’s also some concern about the rate of catching viruses or infections on crowded planes, especially on long flights. Since some viruses can put you and your baby at risk, especially during the first three months, you might want to save traveling for the second trimester of your pregnancy.

It’s also possible to make it safer for pregnant women to travel by air, by observing a few precautions. Though rare, occasionally air travel will cause clotting of the blood in the legs, which can lead to an embolism or stroke. To avoid this risk, use compression stockings, and get up every half hour to walk around, restoring good blood circulation to your legs. It’s also recommended that you drink plenty of water on long trips, since flying can dehydrate the body.

Sometimes, it is not safe for a pregnant woman to travel by air, particularly if she has a pre-existing medical condition or a complicated pregnancy. If you have prenatal diabetes, uncontrolled hypertension, heart conditions of any kind, problems with your placenta, or any other conditions that make your pregnancy high risk, you should consult a medical professional before you make your travel plans. Women who at risk for miscarriage or premature labor may also be told to avoid flying, and a women carrying a child with a severe medical condition may be asked not to fly in the third trimester to avoid the potential problems early labor might pose.


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Post 23

My wife is eight months pregnant now, so is it safe for us to travel or not? Please advise me.

Post 22

I am nine weeks pregnant right now and planning to fly to Leh after the 12th week and then stay with my husband there as long as my condition allows. Can I fly from Delhi to Leh and come back during my sixth month? It's a one hour, 10 minute flight. I was staying in Leh when I conceived and was four weeks pregnant when I flew from Leh to Delhi. Please help and guide me.

Post 21

i am seven weeks pregnant. can i travel from mumbai to bangalore by air?

Moderator's reply: Please discuss this situation with your doctor. He or she can give you the best advice about whether you should fly or not.

Post 20

i am 12 weeks pregnant and i want to fly to pakistan from dubai and i want to stay for two months in pakistan. can i travel by air? Please reply to me.

Post 17

I am 8 weeks pregnant and I am planning to fly going to Philippines on Jan 19. Is it safe for me to do it?

Post 16

i am 11 weeks pregnant. I am planning to fly to india for 18 days and then i will come back.

Can i fly to kerala, india? please reply to me.-- jasnikk

Post 14

I am three weeks pregnant woman. I have my tickets to fly to India from US. Do I have to cancel the ticket?

Post 13

My wife is four months pregnant. can she fly from india to dubai? please let me know. --Riyaz

Post 11

i am three months pregnant. can i travel to india from australia? but i am worried about the hot weather it is in high 50. --priyanka

Post 10

i am five months pregnant. can i fly to Dubai from pakistan? Is it safe for me and my baby?

Post 9

I am planning to fly to India from US in my 12th week and in June to Patna.I think the in-air part is OK as long as I do exercise, keep hydrated etc.

But it is going to be very hot in Patna that time - what precautions should I take?

Post 8

actually i am planning to fly to india in 26th week of my pregnancy. is it safe to travel by air?

Post 7

I am planning to fly to india from singapore and i am 4-5 weeks pregnant. is it safe to travel and can i travel?

Post 6

The 26th week refers to the seventh month. what's the problem in traveling?

Post 5

Actually I am planning to fly to India from america but now I am in 26 weeks pregnant.

Can I travel by air or not?

Post 4

yes you can but not in the seventh month.

Post 3

i am 6 months pregnant. can i fly to Dubai from India? Is it safe for me and my baby?

Moderator's reply: Please discuss this with your doctor. He or she will be the best source of information for you.

Post 2

actually i am planning to fly to india from dubai but now i am in 30 weeks pregnant. can i travel by air or not?

Post 1

Actually I am planning to fly to India from Dubai but now I am in 6 weeks pregnant.

Can I travel by air or not?


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