Is It Possible to Increase Your Brain Power?

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If you want to increase your brain power, you may be able to do so by using your mind as much as possible. Some ways to keep your mind active include regular reading as well as participating in certain activities that challenge your mind, such as memory games and crossword puzzles. There are also some nutrients that are known for boosting brain power that you can add into your daily diet. Omega-3 fatty acids and various types of chocolate are often recommended for brain health as well. Fish is normally rich in omega-3s, and dark chocolate may be the best type of chocolate to increase your brain power because it has a higher concentration of cocoa than other types of chocolate, which tend to have a higher sugar content.

Regular book reading may be a good way to increase your brain power. If you do not enjoy reading books, you could possibly reap the same benefits from reading magazines or newspapers daily. Research suggests that people who read frequently tend to have higher I.Q.s than people who do not read. Many doctors also advise elderly people to read daily as well to increase their mental performance, which tends to deteriorate with age. Regular reading may additionally help to improve your writing skills and your memory.


You could also increase your brain power by doing crossword puzzles, word searches, and playing memory games. These activities might be just as helpful for keeping your mind sharp as regular reading may be. Putting together jigsaw puzzles could also be beneficial for increasing the power of your mind. When you play games that require you to think and try to remember things, you are pushing your brain to perform at its highest level, and the more often you do this, the stronger your mind will likely become.

Another way to increase your brain power might be to get in a daily dose of omega-3 fatty acids as well as some chocolate. Omega-3s tend to be very prevalent in most types of fish and may possibly improve not only your memory, but also your problem-solving skills. If you don't like fish, you can take omega-3s in capsule form. Regular chocolate consumption might help to increase the blood flow to your brain, which could improve your mental recall and concentration ability. Dark chocolate is probably the best choice of chocolate to increase your brain power because of its higher ratio of cocoa to sugar.


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Post 2

@Buster29- I'm not sure I agree with you on this. I think you can increase your brain power just like a bodybuilder adds muscle mass. I've been doing some online "brain exercises" lately, and I've noticed a definite improvement in my problem solving and deduction abilities. I wasn't very good at those kinds of puzzles ten years ago, but now I can solve complicated logic problems and brain teasers.

When I started this program, the developers promised it would train your brain. They also recommended a diet that was high in so-called brain food. Now I spend an hour a day at least in a "brain gym". I solve different kinds of puzzles and then play some trivia games. I honestly believe it's possible to improve brain power even as an older adult.

Post 1

I don't know if a person can actually increase brain power or not. I've heard that all humans have a finite set of brain cells, and once they're damaged, they won't come back. I think it's more likely that you can train your brain to keep it working at the same level it has been. In other words, you can improve your existing brain power through mind games, but I don't think you can build it up like muscles. You have what you have.

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