Is It Possible to Have an Orgasm after a Hysterectomy?

Many women express concern over whether orgasm after a hysterectomy is possible. The most basic answer to this question is that it depends on the individual situation and varies from woman to woman. As the uterus is removed during this procedure, there are no more uterine contractions. For this reason, there are natural changes involving orgasm. Some women may suffer from reduced orgasm capabilities, while others may still enjoy vaginal or clitoral climax. Any questions or concerns about individual issues concerning sex after a hysterectomy should be discussed with a medical professional.

In cases where only the uterus is removed, there is a good chance that both vaginal and clitoral orgasm will still be possible. The cervix plays an important role is sexual stimulation, and the pressure on the cervix during sexual intercourse is often a contributing factor in a woman's ability to climax. Women who rely on this type of stimulation may lose the ability to have an orgasm after a hysterectomy. The removal of both the uterus and the cervix may also interrupt nerve pathways that allow climax to become possible.

Vaginal and clitoral orgasm may still be possible following the procedure. Vaginal climax stemming from stimulation of the G-spot is frequently possible for women who are prone to experiencing this type of orgasm. Many women are able to reach climax only through stimulation of the clitoris, and this area is not usually affected by having a hysterectomy.

In some situations, the ovaries are removed during a hysterectomy, interrupting the normal hormone balance. Even when hormone therapy is prescribed, a loss of sex drive, or libido, is very common. This loss of desire may cause great difficulty in reaching climax. Having the ovaries removed does not necessarily mean that orgasm will be impossible, although it may take a lot of patience.

As each woman's body responds differently to various forms of sexual stimulation, there is no way to accurately predict in advance whether a particular woman will be able to achieve orgasm after a hysterectomy. In most cases, overall health will improve dramatically as a result of the procedure, and this may actually make orgasm easier or more enjoyable. Women who experience trouble reaching orgasm after a hysterectomy should discuss the situation with a doctor to see if there are any available treatment options that may be helpful.

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I am 39 and recently had a hysterectomy. I had my uterus, fallopian tubes and cervix removed two months ago. I had sex for the first time since my surgery a few weeks ago and it was awesome! It was different, and I could tell that my cervix was no longer there, but it was awesome!

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I had a tubal in 1993 and lost my sex drive. It was really playing a bad part in my relationship between my husband and me.

However in March 2014 (yes only a little over two months ago) I had a hysterectomy. Ever since then, my sex drive has returned. I couldn't even wait the six-week healing period that my gyno told me to wait. Now I just can't seem to get enough. My poor husband is works 15 hours a day then comes home and takes care of my sexual desires for a few hours. Although it is amazing and I feel like I am having orgasms and it is amazing I don't believe that I am actually able to have an orgasm. Is this possible?

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I was 25 when the doctor told me I had a mass twelve weeks in size in my Fallopian tube. So a few weeks went by and they did surgery. I was supposed to have a 2 inch cut, have the tube removed and go on with my life.

Well, they put me to sleep, and when I woke up, to my surprise, I was cut from hip to hip.The pain was almost as bad as before the surgery. Now I am 33 and I can't have a orgasm. Having sex hurts. I'm not dry. I still get very turned on. I just can't get off. I went to the doctor and told him my problem. He said everything is normal.Hah, I say. If someone has advice, please help.

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I had my uterus and ovaries removed. I have very little interest in sex and can't have a orgasm. It is really affecting my marriage. I need help. Anyone? Please?

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I had my total hysterectomy om August 2010 at the age of 28. It's been three and a half years, but I have no problem with sex. After the operation, I took supplements of Herbalife, and I was really amazed. I have never felt like that I have no cervix to get me to climax. We still enjoyed the same sex we had. Thanks to the lady who introduced me to herbalife.

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I still have the sex drive, but it has affected my ability to have an orgasm after the hysterectomy.

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I had a partial about eight weeks ago, and my sex drive has increased! During sex, it takes a long time for me to climax, but it was longer before. I agree that every body is different and you just have to experiment with your partner. Communicate with him because they want to know if they are hurting you at the beginning. Please start off slow and work you way back to normal sexual activity.

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I am having these problems of no orgasm and lack of libido. Can anyone who has gone through this give any advice?

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Yes you can. I've had a vaginal hysterectomy and anterior and posterior repair with removal of ovaries in January and climaxed last night (clitoral stimulation) as good if not better than before - which surprised me. Think positive ladies.

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I had my uterus removed at 35 and am now 50. I have had no negative change. After I recovered, everything was better.

I might have changed my mind if I had heard any of this information but am glad I did not. I came across this as a fluke; I was looking for other info.

I wonder now how one can get the real facts as I see so many options and no hard data.

One says it is this one says that. I think it needs to be talked about more because it is so important!

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It seems like having a total hysterectomy surgery, rather than a partial hysterectomy, would cause more problems in this area. During a total hysterectomy, a surgeon removed the entire uterus, including the cervix. As the article said, the cervix can be important in helping a woman achieve orgasm.

However, during a partial hysterectomy the cervix is often left intact. So it seems like women who get a partial hysterectomy have a better chance of having orgasms after their surgery.

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@KaBoom - I think a lot of women are embarrassed to ask their doctors about intercourse after hysterectomy or another medical procedure in that area. And I'm not sure if most doctors offer the information either!

One of my friends had ovarian cancer and had to have one of her ovaries removed. From what she told me, her doctor didn't mention to her that she might experience a low sex drive or have trouble having an orgasm.

Luckily my friend really hasn't had either of those problems. However, she is taking hormones, so I think that might have something to do with it.

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How interesting! I knew there were changes in hormones after hysterectomy, but I never thought it could affect a woman's ability to have an orgasm. I suppose it makes sense though, because the uterus is a huge part of the female reproductive system.

I wonder if a lot of ladies who are going through a hysterectomy would feel embarrassed to ask their doctor a question like this. I know sometimes I feel hesitant asking a lot of questions when I go to my gynecologist. I guess it's a good thing the Internet exists!

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