Is It Possible to Become a Travel Photographer without Leaving Your Home?

Jacqui Kenny is a London-based artist who travels to far-flung destinations to document life around the globe with digital images -- without ever leaving home. Kenny, who has suffered from agoraphobia for more than 20 years, typically chooses remote, lonely places to photograph, but she doesn’t use a camera. She spends endless hours scouring Google Street View for real-life portraits to post for the 20,000-plus followers on her Agoraphobic Traveller web page.

Seeing the world from home:

  • "I'll go anywhere that feels a little bit magical," the 43-year-old says. "They are places that would be incredibly difficult for me to travel to, so inevitably I'm attracted to them."

  • Agoraphobics may fear being left alone in a situation where they feel trapped, or fear any travel that takes them away from their "safe” place.

  • Many agoraphobics fear having an anxiety or panic attack in public, and can get extremely anxious waiting in long lines. Crowded places or wide-open spaces are other typical triggers.

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