Is It Possible for a Yeast Infection to be Contagious?

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Many people wonder whether it is possible for a yeast infection to be contagious. A yeast infection can be contagious in some cases, and vaginal yeast is often spread back and forth between sexual partners. The oral type of yeast infection is unlikely to be contagious, with the exception of infants contracting yeast infections from their mothers. If a woman has a vaginal yeast infection, her baby may contract an oral yeast infection during childbirth.

Often, a yeast infection is spread during sexual intercourse because sexual partners don’t know that it is possible for yeast infections to be contagious. Yeast infections are often thought of as a woman’s disease, and many people may not be aware that men can develop them, too. As such, a man and woman may continue having intercourse while a woman has a yeast infection, and the male partner may catch it.

Since it is possible for a person to be contagious with a yeast infection, most health experts recommend abstaining from sex with an infected partner. A yeast infection is unlikely to cause serious symptoms or complications, so it may not be a pressing concern if a person does develop one. Yeast infections can cause annoying and uncomfortable symptoms, however, so many people would prefer to avoid experiencing them.


Even if a woman does abstain from sexual intercourse after she finds out she has a yeast infection, it is still possible for a yeast infection to be contagious. For example, she may have intercourse with a partner before she realizes she has a yeast infection, and he may not realize he has caught it. After, she is treated, the couple may engage in intercourse once more, and the male partner may spread the yeast infection back to the female partner.

It is far less likely for a yeast infection to be contagious when it affects a person’s mouth rather than the vagina, but it is possible for vaginal yeast infections to cause oral infection. This usually happens when a woman has a vaginal yeast infection during childbirth. As the baby moves through the vagina during childbirth, he or she may contract an oral yeast infection.

People are less likely to develop yeast infections when they are in good health and their immune systems are strong. A person with a weakened immune system may be more likely to develop one, even if he does not catch it from another person. In such a case, candida, which is the fungus that causes yeast infections, may simply grow out of control. Additionally, a person who is taking antibiotics may be more prone to yeast infection development as well.


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Post 3

I'm seven months pregnant and I've been dealing with a vaginal yeast infection for the past two months. I've tried many natural remedies but none of them have worked. I might have to try drug treatment if it doesn't resolve soon because I don't want to take the risk of transmitting it to my baby during birth.

I'm also decreasing carbohydrates and sugars in my diet. I heard that yeast love carbs and sugars, they thrive on them.

Has anyone else experienced this during pregnancy? Are there any home remedies for a vaginal yeast infection aside from yogurt, apple cider vinegar and garlic?

Post 2

Will using a condom prevent yeast infections from passing back and forth between partners?

Post 1

I had male yeast infection and I got it from my wife. I was shocked to hear the diagnosis because I didn't know that there was such a thing as male yeast infection. Anyway, my doctor told me to use my wife's yeast infection cream until it was gone. So we treated both of our infections the same way. And we avoided sex until our treatment was complete.

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