Is Cortisone Cream Safe to Use?

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Cortisone cream can be used safely and effectively. The cream is used to treat a number of skin conditions, including eczema and rashes. As long as the topical cream is being used according to the manufacturer's or health care professional's directions, it is considered safe for use.

Eczema is one of the conditions that can be treated with cortisone cream. Safe to use, the cream can effectively break the itching and scratching cycle that affected individuals go through. Eczema causes the skin to appear red and irritated. The itchiness often leads to the person scratching them in an attempt to get some relief. Unfortunately, scratching the already irritated skin leads to more itching, and the individual keeps scratching.

Cortisone cream should be applied sparingly to the affected area. Rather than using this product in the same way as a moisturizing lotion, a tiny amount is sufficient. This product should not be used over a long time. People who use this product over several months run the risk of developing thin skin in the area where the cream was used.


This product can be purchased without a prescription at a pharmacy. It is a low-concentration cream that may be used on the face and other sensitive areas. Cortisone is also available by prescription in higher concentrations. It can be used when the patient doesn't get the relief that he or she are looking for at a lower dose or when the skin irritation is located on the arms, legs or torso.

Cortisone cream use and safety among children is not the same as it is among adults. Before using this product on youngsters, consult with a doctor. A medical professional can recommend the appropriate strength to use. In some cases, an antihistamine can be used in conjunction with the cortisone cream to treat the itching.

Anyone who is using cortisone cream should make a point of following the directions carefully to ensure that the cream is safe to use. One additional possible side effect associated with this cream use is discoloration of the skin. To get more information about safety issues concerning cortisone cream use, ask a doctor or a pharmacist for advice.


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Post 4

I developed cushing syndrome and a tumor on my spine from using cortisone cream according to my endocronologist. I wouldn't agree that this is a safe product.

Post 3

@ Chicada- Cortisone cream is a steroid, and like other steroids, doctors recommend that pregnant women do not use them. There are few, if any, studies on the effects of corticosteroid creams on pregnant women, but there have been studies conducted on lab animals.

Lab tests have shown oral corticosteroids cause birth defects (teratogenic) in lab animals when researchers administer them systemically and in low doses. Lab tests have also shown that prescription strength corticosteroid creams are teratogenic when applied to the skin of lab animals.

These lab studies have shown that small amounts of corticosteroid cream in low doses applied to the skin may be safe, but higher strength creams can be dangerous to the fetus. One application of

an OTC cream is probably safe, but you also have to ask yourself if alleviating the itching and rash is worth the risk to your baby. My advice would be to look up some non-steroidal natural remedies for your skin ailment.
Post 2

@ Chicada- You should always ask your doctor or pharmacist before taking any drugs during pregnancy. This includes over the counter medications. From what I remember from my fiancees pregnancy, acetominophin is one of the only drugs that is safe to take. Any medication other than acetominophin (including Cortizone cream), should be run by your obstetrician.

Post 1

Is it safe to use cortisone cream during pregnancy? I have a skin rash and I would like to use an over the counter cortisone/antihistamine cream, but I am nine weeks pregnant. It seems like a harmless cream, but I just want to be safe. Can anyone help?

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