Is Business Class Worth It?

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Business class is the designation given to the premium services offered those passengers on certain flights that are willing to pay for the service. Other types of services include first class, coach, and coach plus. The coach fares may also be referred to as economy and economy plus. Whether business class is worth it depends on a number of different factors, most relating to personal preference.

Those who fly business class can expected to pay as much as four times what the going fare in coach is going to be. That means on a flight for $500 US Dollars (USD) in coach, the business fare is likely to be closer to $2,000 USD. If that is worth a few hours of comfort, then you have your answer as to whether it is worth it. It should also be noted that each airline offers different services in business class, so understanding the options and amenities will take some research.

The most popular reason for choosing business class is the better seating. The seats are usually wider and have at least four inches (10 cm) more space between the rows. While this may not seem like much, it can make a difference in terms of comfort and keep people from feeling cramped. In some cases, seats that lie flat may be included in business class, but this is usually reserved for first-class passengers.


The food and beverage offerings are another amenity often provided to those who are flying at the upper service levels. Business class passengers are often able to choose from an expanded menu. A limited number of alcoholic beverages may be offered free. In most cases, these will be included as part of the fare on the flight, though some special dishes, or those which are very expensive, may require an additional fee.

Another amenity some airlines may offer is a business class lounge at the airport. This lounge may offer some business services, such as access to computers and e-mail. It may also offer drinks and provide a nap area. While many passengers may find the practical function of the lounge is nothing special, it does offer another option for those who are waiting for longer periods of time.

Minor services are also offered to those who are flying at the upper levels of service. First class and business class passengers get to board the plane first, if they so choose. Often, they are offered a beverage while the rest of the passengers are boarding. In some cases, these passengers may have their own special doorway through which to enter and exit the plane, thus avoiding the rest of the crowd.

While it may be a good choice for many, especially those who travel quite a bit or whose companies pick up the travel tab, many others may feel the costs of business class are simply too high. This is designed like that for a reason. While, from a purely financial standpoint, the benefits may not be worth the costs, the higher price is meant to make it an exclusive club.


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