In Which Countries Is Twitter Most Popular?

Users in the United States generate the most tweets of any country, but in terms of the percentage of the population using Twitter, Brazil tops the list. Nearly one-fourth of Brazilians use Twitter, compared with about one-tenth of the U.S. population. Indonesia has the second-percentage of Twitter users, with about one-fifth of its population tweeting, followed by the Netherlands, Japan and Venezuela.

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  • Though Facebook remains the most popular social network, with more than 600 million people using it worldwide, Qzone, a Chinese social network used almost exclusively in China, has almost 500 million users of its own.

  • After Facebook and Twitter, the most popular social network in the U.S. is LinkedIn. These three networks also are the most popular ones in the United Kingdom, South Africa and Australia.

  • MySpace is no longer one of the most popular social networks, but it still has more registered users than Twitter, though not all of them are active.

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I never imagined that Brazil would be on top. I am saddened that MySpace isn't part of the most popular social media sites today. I was a fan of MySpace before.

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I am not surprised that the US has the most tweets, but found it very interesting that Brazil was the top twitter country in percentage of population. Many people thought that Twitter would not last long, but when the celebrities and media began using Twitter, it seemed to catch on pretty quickly.

I like Twitter because it is quick and easy. I prefer reading a short tweet as opposed to a longer blog post. Another thing that I think has made Twitter grow so fast is that is is so easy to use on your mobile phone. Many times when you are waiting in line and have a couple of minutes to spare, it is easy to check your Twitter account and make a couple of tweets.

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