In Skiing, what is a Bunny Hill?

Malcolm Tatum

Sometimes referred to as the kiddie or bunny slope, the bunny hill is a section of a ski resort set aside for novices, children, and others who do not want to tackle the more adventurous ski slopes found at the resort. Easy ski runs of this type make it possible for new skiers to practice on a hill that is removed from more advanced skiing activities, and normally has at least one ski instructor assigned to oversee the hill. Along with resorts, a ski school is also likely to have one or more bunny slopes or hills.

Even advanced skiers likely started learning on the bunny slope.
Even advanced skiers likely started learning on the bunny slope.

In contrast to the bunny hill is the more advanced slope generally known as the black diamond. Ski runs of this type are usually far more difficult to navigate that the simple bunny slope and offer challenges for more advanced skiing. People who are just learning how to snow ski are normally discouraged from attempting a run on a black diamond until they have mastered the basics on a bunny hill.

It's helpful to practice on a bunny hill before tackling more advanced slopes to determine current snow conditions.
It's helpful to practice on a bunny hill before tackling more advanced slopes to determine current snow conditions.

While the function of the bunny hill is to provide basic instruction to newcomers, the hill is normally also considered ideal for children. The slope offers terrain that is more or less open and does not include some of the obstacles that are common with the more advanced ski slopes, making it easier for instructors and others to watch over the children while they learn the basics of skiing. Depending on the rules set in place by the resort, children as young as age six may be allowed to ski on the kiddie slope.

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The bunny hill is also an ideal place for adult beginners to learn the basics of snow skiing. Instructors can help newcomers develop proper stances, learn how to control movements and turns, and in general allow the student to become comfortable with the ski equipment. Once the instructor is confident that the beginner is competent to move on to a more difficult slope, the novice can move on to slopes that are more of a challenge.

There are skiers who prefer to remain with the bunny slope even after they have mastered the basics of skiing. Some prefer the simplicity of the ski runs found on the beginner slope, while others prefer the more relaxed pace to the somewhat competitive environment of the more advanced slopes. For this reason, many ski resorts will designate sections of the bunny hill specifically for use by adult skiers, while a different section is reserved for young children.

Bunny hills are designed for novice skiiers.
Bunny hills are designed for novice skiiers.

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We took our two children to the ski resort for ski lessons awhile back. I was amazed to see how advanced the bunny slopes have become.

They now use a thing called the "magic carpet" to teach children how to ski. They look like a conveyor belt stretched out over the snow.

There's typically a motor running underneath the belt that pulls the student up to the top of the bunny hill and then releases them onto the snow where they just slide down the hill.


My boyfriend took me skiing for the first time last year and I can't tell you how relieved I was to find out that they had a bunny hill for beginners like me.

I was a nervous wreck for nearly two week before our trip for fear that I would kill myself on those slopes.

I've been to several ski events with him and we've watched lots of specials on TV but I can't remember ever seeing the kiddie slopes before.

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