In Landscaping, what is Granite Edging?

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Granite edging is used in landscaping as a barrier between surfaces of different mediums. Utilizing edging materials is an efficient way to keep different parts of a yard or garden separate from each other. Several different types of edging products are available, but granite edging is often valued for being attractive and durable as well as effective.

Primarily, landscape edging materials are used for separation. It is common for landscapers, gardeners or homeowners to notice weeds or grass growing over the edges of pathways or driveways. Similarly, mud or gravel from walkways can slide over into the yard or surrounding areas, particularly when subject to heavy wind or precipitation. While these inconveniences are certainly not tragic, they can be very frustrating for people who put a lot of time or money into their landscaping, or those who take pride in the appearance of their yards. Installing edging materials to act as a barrier between two surface types can decrease or eliminate this problem.


Basically, granite edging blocks are just chunks of granite cut into manageably sized pieces. The blocks can be repurposed from other projects or purchased at home improvement or landscaping supply stores. Installing granite edging is somewhat labor intensive; a shallow trench must be dug around the area to be edged, and then the granite pieces are placed individually. People with a large amount of edging might find this process particularly arduous, though the durability of granite generally means that once the blocks are installed, they may never have to be replaced.

The durability of granite is certainly a positive feature, but for some people it is not enough to counter the fact these stones can be expensive. If granite edging pieces need to be purchased instead of repurposed or recycled, they can be far pricier than other landscape edging options, such as plastic or river stones. Price can usually be justified by proponents, however, and fans of granite edging assert that the beauty, effectiveness, and durability of this material make granite a better long-term investment.

Aside from monetary or durability concerns, the decision to use granite edging can also come down to personal style and taste. Granite blocks give a very heavy, sturdy, and solid appearance to landscaping and are usually available in shades of white, pink, and grey. Typically, granite edging pieces are left somewhat rough or natural looking, though polished versions are available as well.


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