In Computing, what is PaaS?

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In the modern era of computer software, many businesses rent equipment from Internet hosting companies rather than own. Platform as a service (Paas) is a type of equipment rental that includes an entire computer hardware package. This typically includes products for all a company's business functions.

Platform as a service systems are often used by software development companies. This type of system is a good option because it is easy to manage and fast to implement. The Paas system can be purchased on monthly, quarterly, or annual contracts, which makes it an effective way to build computer software.

Software testing is often a costly undertaking for many software development projects. This requires expensive computer hardware that typically mimics the look and feel of a production application. Paas is a good approach for testing computer applications because it can be rented on a temporary basis, which is less expensive than buying a system.

Previously, companies had to purchase and manage software equipment to be a viable contender on the Internet. This was a costly endeavor because it required many workers, lots of floor space, and large amounts of electricity to successfully manage a computer system. Paas organizations capitalized on this problem and now sell entire software packages.


Platform as a service is a relatively new in the computer industry. It has gained popularity with the advent of cloud computing services because renting is less expensive then buying. Paas is quickly becoming a standard method of doing business for small start-up companies that don’t want to incur the unnecessary overhead of managing large computer systems.

Many companies offer platform as a service today on the Internet. These range from the established software companies of Microsoft® and Oracle® to large telecommunication service providers including Verizon® and AT&T®. The breath of computer systems available makes it easier for consumers to shop for the best price on Paas systems.

Many commercial software companies also offer platform as a service solutions. This is a pre-canned option for organizations that want to use special software but don’t want to incur the cost of systems management. Paas systems are very similar to software as a service (SAAS), however, they include additional capacity and computer hardware management that is not typically available with SAAS.


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