In Bartending, what is a Lava Flow?

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A lava flow is a blended alcoholic drink that builds on the more familiar pina colada, and the strawberry daiquiri. It is a popular drink in Hawaii, and in other tropical type resorts. The drink can also be delicious without alcohol. In fact, it makes an excellent drink or smoothie for a kid’s party.

The traditional lava flow is made with a shot, or 1.5 ounces (.044 liters) of light rum, pineapple juice, cream of coconut, pureed strawberries, half a banana, and crushed ice. To achieve the proper appearance of the lava flow, the strawberry puree is poured into the glass first.

Most bartenders prefer a hurricane glass for serving the lava flow. This is a stemmed tall glass that curves inward at the bottom, and then pushes outward at the top. It somewhat resembles the traditional curves of a woman’s figure.

The strawberry puree is poured in first because it will partially mix through the drink, creating a mainly white drink that looks like it has red lava flowing through it. Blending all the ingredients together can still make a nice drink, but it will not have the satisfying lava flow look.


Some bartenders insist on the addition of both lime juice and strawberry schnapps. This may add more alcoholic content to the drink. Some bartenders also omit the banana. The lava flow may also be served with a glass dipped in powdered sugar, and it may contain coconut milk as well.

A finished lava flow may also be garnished with fruit, such as chunks of pineapples and mango. It is also sometimes known as an “umbrella” drink, since it is frequently garnished with a small paper umbrella.

Because the drink is sweet, the taste of the rum can be negligible. This means the lava flow joins a host of other drinks that are quickly consumed without care to the fact that they do contain a shot, or more, of alcohol. One should keep track of the number of drinks, since it is fairly easy to overdo it on sweet drinks. As well, enjoy a lava flow without guilt by providing a designated driver for the evening.


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