How Should I Name a Boat?

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Many people, after finally getting the boat of their dreams, wonder about which name to emblazon on their boat. Choosing a boat name is important because the owner becomes associated with the name. Name a boat something that suits your personality as well as the size and style of the boat. Possibilities include humorous or clever boat names as well as meaningful names such as when people name a boat after a loved one.

Many people name their boats after a woman despite the superstition that boats should never be named after a woman or bad luck at sea will prevail. Still many boats with names such as Victoria or Emily Anne are named after a wife or daughter. Some people with more than one daughter may combine names such as Danielle and Rebecca to get Danica or even Rebelle. Superstition also holds that boat names shouldn't have 13 letters and once named, the name of a boat should never be changed.

Of course, boats are considered female and are always referred to as she. Some people, perhaps to avoid the old superstition about naming a boat after a woman, name a boat after a pet. Or maybe you could use a man's name and add a feminine ending such as an i to Fred to get the name, Fredi. Other name ideas include something from a favorite television show, cartoon, movie or song.


Humorous and clever names for boats tend to be extremely popular. Many of these use plays on words such as sea in Sea You Later and knot in the name Knot in the Office. Or they may refer to a divorce settlement such as in a name like She Didn't Get This! Some humorous names refer to the enormous cost of having a nice boat as shown in names like Costa Fortune.

Christening ceremonies are customary after you name a boat. While smashing a bottle of champagne over the hull is seen in movies, pouring champagne over the hull instead is recommended. You can invite family and friends and have a champagne toast for the occasion. Make a speech to the boat declaring its name.


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Post 3

It's funny that changing the name of a boat is considred bad luck these days. In Lord Nelson's time, every vessel captured from the enemy was immediately given a new name. Some ships changed hands between warring France and England several times, and got a new name each time they were taken. It's hard to believe that today's sailors are more superstitious than those of the Royal navy around the year 1800.

Post 2

Modern tradition states that you give it a female name. Saint Claire, Terra or Mai. Give it something simple, not tacky, something that will roll off the tongue easily.

I wouldn't recommend naming after an ex-wife. Or if you're a woman, i wouldn't recommend naming after the boyfriend's ex-girlfriend or ex-wife.

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