How Should I Choose New Glasses Frames?

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Since most people keep a pair of prescription glasses for an average of two years, when it becomes necessary to choose new glasses frames, you should take your time to assure you are selecting frames that you are happy with. Many optometrists employ experts to help their patients select glasses frames based on what type of prescription lenses they need. You may also be lucky enough to get the assistance of someone who can help you choose glasses frames that are flattering as well. If you are left to your own devices though, there are few things to consider when choosing new glasses frames.

Bear in mind that, while most styles of frames accommodate any lens type, there may be some circumstances in which the frames you’ve chosen will not work with your prescription, so you may want to select two or three at first. To possibly narrow the selection, be sure to ask the optometrist to show you if there is a selection of frames that are paid for or discounted by your insurance company.


When choosing glasses frames, pay attention to both the shape of the frame and the color. Certain shaped frames do not flatter certain shaped faces. Those with oval faces can wear nearly any shape, but rounder faces should avoid round frames. Also, if you have small, close inset eyes or a small nose, be careful not to select frames that overpower your features. Similarly, those with square jaw lines should avoid square or boxy frames.

Since many of the same style glasses frames come in different colors, focus on selecting the proper size and shape frame before the color. If you wear your glasses continuously, you might consider neutral or muted colors rather than bold primary colors. If your personality warrants bright and bold, choose a color that will flatter your skin tone. An olive complexion might be striking with rich burgundy colored frames, while pale complexions can be accentuated with a cool, deep green color.

You should also take notice of the particular features of the frames. Some frames are rimless, leaving only the arms to have substance and color. Some glasses frames have preformed bridges that eliminate the nose pads, which bother some people. If you are constantly removing and replacing your glasses throughout the day, you might want a pair of glasses frames with spring-hinged arms.

Whichever type of frame you choose, be sure your glasses are both comfortable and attractive. That might mean trying on several pairs. If you have trouble making decisions, there are some optical retailers who will allow you to try a pair for a period of time and exchange them if you don’t like them.


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Post 2

Honestly, I don't see why more people don't merely keep the same eye glasses frames and just replace the lenses. The last time I replaced my glasses, about six months ago, I did this to cut cost. It meant that I could keep my simple, chic black square frames, which were still in great condition, rather than worrying about finding a new style that would look good on my face.

If you do choose to reuse the same frames, good optometrists' offices should have a techinician who can help to alter and adjust your frames so that they still fit your facial structure, as well as replacing the lenses with new ones without damaging your frames. While I know it

might be tiring to keep the same frames for years and years if you don't like them, if you are used to the ones you have, it can be better than the hassle and expense of picking out new ones.
Post 1

When looking at different frame choices, I would be wary of "designer" glasses frames. While labels may be very important to some, they will not ensure a higher quality set of glasses frames, and often cost far more a simpler or less well-known brand. Designer labels also do not promise any nicer-looking options, either, though it is easy to be convinced, for example, that Chanel or Versace glasses frames will make you look better than another pair.

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