How Should I Choose an Event Planner?

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An event planner, also known as an event consultant or coordinator, is a professional in charge of planning a special event, synchronizing and supervising all details. Most people choose an event planner for a large affair that requires a lot of coordination, such as a wedding, a major birthday, or a corporate event. While hiring an event planner is an additional expense, a good professional can help you plan the perfect party according to your budget. Most event planners have connections with vendors and companies and can get special deals, saving you thousands of dollars over retail price.

Before choosing an event planner, there are several things to consider. The first step is to take into account how much power you want to give away. An event planner can take a passive role, offering only outside guidance, which is the perfect choice if you want somebody else to do the leg work but want to have the last word on important decisions. An event planner can also be a full-service assistant, managing everything from budgeting to on-site supervision.


To find an event planner, check with the local chamber of commerce or look online for a list of professionals available in your city of choice. Event planners sometimes work with specific venues, so ask around to see if local clubs or restaurant managers have somebody to recommend. Photographers and caterers should also be able to recommend a good event planner, as they may have seen the expert in action.

Once you have a list of potential event planners, interview each one and ask for information about past events they've handled. Some planners may have a portfolio with photos, while others may simply provide you with references from past clients. Don't take the lack of portfolio as an indication of lower quality – many event planners simply do not have the need for one.

Since an event planner will be in charge of buying supplies and paying deposits, you must often provide a credit card number for her or him to use. Make sure you select an event planner you trust and feel comfortable with, so this doesn't turn into an issue of contention.


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