How Sensitive Is Crocodile Skin?

The skin of a crocodile might look tough, but appearances can be deceiving. It turns out that the spotted bumps on crocodile skin contain lots of nerve endings. These nerve endings make the bumps more sensitive than human fingertips and increase the crocodile's awareness of movement and vibration, such as water ripples caused by the movement of fish and other marine creatures. With this awareness, the crocodile can more easily hunt its prey.

More about crocodiles:

  • The American crocodile is listed as an endangered species.

  • The most sensitive areas on a crocodile's body are around its mouth. Experts note that this sensitivity is particularly important for female crocodiles, who sometimes carry their young around in their mouths.

  • Crocodiles are capable of communicating vocally and can produce more than 20 different calls.

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