How Popular Is Bill Clinton in Kosovo?

Many US presidents have left significant legacies around the world. Though years apart in their influence, both Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy played key roles in the unification of West and East Germany. President Richard Nixon brought the world’s attention to China in 1972 when he helped end 25 years of diplomatic separation. And President Bill Clinton is beloved in Kosovo, where a major boulevard in Pristina, the capital city, bears his name. On the boulevard, an 11-foot (3.4 m) statue of the former president stands guard. Ethnic Albanians give Clinton credit for the NATO bombing campaign that brought an end to the Kosovo conflict in 1999.

Pantsuits for everyone:

  • Elsewhere in Pristina, a major thoroughfare is named after President George W. Bush, and several cities in Kosovo have streets named after President Woodrow Wilson.
  • The love for the Clinton family in Kosovo extends to Hillary, too. Just a few yards from Bill’s statue is a women’s clothing store called Hillary. The shop stocks outfits similar to those worn by the former Secretary of State.
  • Kosovo declared independence from Serbia in 2008, and its sovereignty has been recognized by 110 UN member states.
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