How Often Should I get a Haircut?

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How often you should get a haircut often depends on the style and health of your hair, though at least a few trims a year are recommended no matter what kind of cut you have. Since trims keep your hair looking its best, every month or two is a better bet, again depending on the style of your hair.

Most men should get their hair cut about every five weeks, whether they have closely cropped hair or a longer style. Women with short hair should visit a hairdresser every four weeks, otherwise their style may begin to lose its shape. This is especially true of blunt bobs. Those with medium length hair can wait a bit longer, going about every five weeks. Long hair requires a trim at least every six weeks to avoid split ends.

Some people may not get a haircut when they are trying to grow their hair long. This is a mistake, as the hair will often end up looking unhealthy. Subtle trims do not slow hair growth. People with thicker hair should also generally get their hair cut more frequently than those with finer hair.


When changing your style, there’s a few things you can do to increase the odds you’ll like your new 'do. Before you go to the hairdresser, try to find a picture of the style you have in mind. A number of magazines are devoted to this topic, and many women’s magazines also feature many photographs of different hair styles. Most salons also keep these magazines in their waiting rooms. You can discuss your picture with your stylist and decide what will look best on you, taking into account the shape of your face and its features, and your complexion.

Some stylists will allow you to make two appointments: a consultation and an appointment to actually get a haircut. This way, you have time to think about what you really want before committing, which is a good idea if you are making a dramatic change. Two appointments may also be required if you are coloring your hair, especially for the first time. The stylist may recommend a patch test to make sure you are not allergic to the dye before dying your whole head during a second appointment.

Pay close attention to how the hairdresser styles your new cut. Ask about what specific products or techniques that he or she is using. At many salons, you can purchase the tools you’ll need to maintain your cut. Most stylists welcome questions and will gladly show you how to get the look at home.


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Post 8

My dad gets his hair cut every month. He grew up during a time when guys with long hair were really looked down upon, so he is obsessed with keeping his short.

Even though it never gets longer than an inch or two, I can always tell when he gets it cut. His barber cuts it really close to his head, so he just looks different when he comes out of there.

Post 7

@OeKc05 – Layered cuts are great, because they give your hair a style and some movement. You probably will have to have your hair trimmed more often than you would if you had hair of all one length, though.

Layers that frame your face do so because they are at just the right length. Many people have layers that start right below their chins, and once these grow out an inch or two, they no longer frame your face. Instead, they drag you down a little.

If you ever want to grow out the back of your hair, you can just have the layers around your face trimmed every few weeks and leave the rest alone. I started out with shoulder length hair with layers, and I grew most of it out to halfway down my back while keeping the layers trimmed to the same length around the front, and it looked good.

Post 6

I recently had a friend tell me how to get the right haircut for my face shape. I have a very narrow face, so I need either a shorter cut or one with lots of layers, especially around the face.

If I get a layered cut, how often will I need a trim? I hope it won't be too high maintenance.

Post 5

I don't worry too much about how often to get a haircut. I have been growing my hair out and aiming for a really long hairdo for over two years now, and I've only had it cut a couple of times.

I don't use many heat styling tools, so I don't have much damage or split ends. I only get my hair cut when I feel that it has become too long. Once it starts getting hung in zippers and caught in car doors, I know it's time for a trim.

It might look slightly better if I had it trimmed more often, but since it's so healthy anyway, I'm more concerned about getting to the length that I want. I'm only a few inches away now, so I'm not getting a trim until after my goal has been reached.

Post 4

In a perfect world, I'd probably get a maintenance trim every two weeks or so from the same barber, but in general I'll get my hair cut about every six weeks. I usually ask the barber to keep the same basic style, just cut it short enough to make the trip worthwhile. If my hair is cut too short, it will look very spiky for several days.

Sometimes, I'll gauge when it's time for a haircut by looking at the end result after I brush my hair in the usual way. If it just looks thicker but still stylish, I'll wait a week or two for a haircut. If the hair starts puffing up and looks exaggerated or cartoonish, I'll

get it cut that day. I don't mind having longer hair as long as it doesn't start looking like a bad hair piece or a Conway Twitty impersonation. I've also learned that it's a good idea to remember the number of the blade guard the stylist uses whenever they cut your hair as short as you like it. I always forget that number, and sometimes my hair won't be cut as short the next time.
Post 3

It really depends on what you want your hair to look like, but between 3-5 weeks is pretty normal. A better way might be to just get some opinions..

Post 2

@wecallherana - In order to maintain the tips of your hair you should condition regularly. If your hair is normally very oily, chances are it's drier at the ends and you should condition it everyday if possible. This prevents your hair from breaking and developing split ends. Preventative maintenance on your hair can keep it looking beautiful and feeling healthy no matter the length - plus you won't have to get so much cut off if you're growing it out!

Post 1

If you're growing your hair out, be sure to get a hair cut every month or less as it will seem less devastating. Growing your hair out six to twelve inches and then finding out you have to cut two to four inches off can be horrifying. Sometimes, though, it's necessary because the hair that's at your tips has been around the longest and is easily damaged.

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