How Often Should I Apply Moisturizer?

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The use of a moisturizer is common for many people. In some cases, using a lotion or moisturizing cream is due to the desire to maintain supple and healthy skin. At other times, moisturizer is used as a tool to correct some type of skin problem, possibly even bringing relief from itching, scratching or dryness associated with a medical issue. The question of how often to apply moisturizer is a common one, with the response based in the particulars of the individual situation. Here are some examples of common reasons to use moisturizer and how often application may be necessary.

For people who are engaging in a regimen of skin care to maintain healthy skin, moisturizing regularly is important. The frequency of applying lotion will be based on how much natural oil the skin holds. For some people, using lotion to moisturize the skin after the daily bath helps to restore moisture that was removed by using soap. For people with skin that leans toward being oily, choosing to moisturize every other day or even twice a week may be sufficient to maintain an equitable amount of moisture in the skin.


When there is some type of medical problem that causes skin to dry out, moisturizing at least once a day and sometimes more can help alleviate any discomfort and also slow damage to the skin. For example, people suffering from eczema tend to itch a great deal. The natural tendency is to scratch the itch, which further inflames the skin and causes damage. Moisturizing daily or even twice a day with a medicated moisturizer can soothe the itching significantly and prevent damage from frequent scratching.

The benefits of applying body lotion are not limited to adults or to one gender. Every human being can benefit from using a moisturizing cream or lotion from time to time. Children who play outside routinely use sunscreen. However, applying a small amount of scent free lotion after a shower or bath can help to keep young skin supple and less susceptible to drying out.

Men normally do not think in terms of using moisturizer. However, the application of a scentless moisturizing agent on areas such as the elbows, heels, and the balls of the feet can prevent those problem areas from developing rough dry skin that will cause problems in later years. Taking a moment to apply the lotion just after a shower once or twice a week will usually be sufficient to maintain strong and healthy skin in any areas that tend to become dry.

As a general rule of thumb, after a shower or bath is a good time for anyone to apply moisturizer. At that time, the skin is holding a small portion of the water used for bathing. Moisturizing products will help to hold that moisture in and allow it to permeate the skin. Unless the skin is very oily, using moisturizer daily will not cause any problems. However, people with particular skin conditions should consult a dermatologist to determine if moisturizing should take place more or less often.


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Post 4

Ponds dry skin cream is awesome. My grandma uses it every day, night, evening and morning and her skin is beautiful, soft and wrinkle free. She started doing it when she was 10.

Post 3

SauteePan-I usually use Lubriderm fas a body moisturizer. It is rich and leaves the skin feeling smooth.

For best moisturizing results it is recommended to exfoliate your skin with a mild scrub before applying the lotion. This way the lotion will be absorbed quickly into the skin and you will have a smoother appearance because exfoliating removes the dead skin.

You can also use a loofa sponge as well.

Post 2

Sneakers41-A good sensitive skin moisturizer that is light on the skin is Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion.

After you wash your face and use toner on your skin you apply a light coat of the moisturizing lotion on the skin. This moisturizer is for sensitive skin because it contains no perfumes which are the main cause of allergies. It is also an excellent face moisturizer for dry skin as well.

Post 1

When looking for facial moisturizer it is best to find a sensitive skin moisturizer with a significant amount of sun protection benefits.

Everyone’s moisturizing needs are different and you should be careful of richer heavier creams that are not suitable for all skin types.

For example, a good moisturizer will leave you skin feeling soft and smooth. If you start to experience breakout then the moisturizer is too rich for your skin.

If you have combination skin or oily skin you are better off with a hydrating moisturizer that is not oil based. Here you can get the moisturizing feel without the added oil that will tend to clog your pores. Moisture Surge is a great product that offers hydrating and leaves you feeling energized.

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