How Much Time Is Wasted Standing in Lines?

Company researchers at Priority Management Pittsburgh studied hundreds of people across the US for more than a year to determine how much time was used completing day-to-day tasks. The study showed that people spend five years of their lives just simply waiting in line. This study also showed that people spend, on average, six months of their lives waiting at stop lights, four years doing housework and two years trying to return phone calls.

Priority Management Pittsburgh suggested these findings may help people become more efficient with their time so they may have time to do more important tasks, such as speak with their children.

The study also touched on which fast-food chains served their customers the fastest. Wendy's took the grand prize, serving their customers in an average of 46 seconds.

More about time management in the US:

  • In 2013, the average American spent 5.3 hours a day doing leisure activities

  • Compared to 1965, in 2011 the average time a father spent with their children had more than doubled

  • Americans spend more time observing and interacting on social media than any other internet activity

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