How Much does It Cost to Raise a Dog?

Raising a dog, assuming an average life span of 14 years, can cost anywhere between about $4,300 U.S. Dollars (USD) for very basic care to $38,905 USD for super-pampered pets. On average, a well-cared for dog will cost about $12,500 USD to raise. The average figures don't take into account serious illnesses requiring expensive surgeries, which can add thousands of dollars to the total cost.

More pooch facts:

  • One in three U.S. families has one or more dogs.

  • Research has shown that pets can help improve their owner's health by reducing stress, lowering blood pressure and relieving depression.

  • Studies have shown that owners of dogs are more likely to survive after a heart attack as compared to those without dogs or other kinds of pets.

  • The average dog lives between eight and 15 years.

  • Dogs have been domesticated as pets for about 12,000 years.
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About 1500 dollars for each year. Most people can afford that, right?

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