How Much Does Gas Cost to Fly from LA to NYC?

It costs airlines about $330 US Dollars (USD) per person in fuel to fly round-trip between Los Angeles and New York City, making fuel the biggest expense for airlines. A combination of rising gas prices and a very low miles per gallon (mpg) rate — once airborne, a jumbo jet uses up about 5 gallons per mile (almost 11 liters per kilometer) — leads to airlines spending about 40 percent of their operating budget on fuel.

More facts about flying:

  • Baggage fees implemented since 2008 — at an average of $50 USD a bag for a round-trip flight — have added more to airline prices than fare hikes.

  • Airlines typically spend the least amount of money on food and entertainment — about 5 percent of their operating budget.

  • Airlines' spending on fuel increased by about 30 percent between 2010 and 2011.

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