How Much Do Bank Robbers Steal?

More than $40 million US Dollars (USD) is stolen in bank robberies each year in the United States, but when broken down by the number of robberies, it turns out that most bank robbers get away with only about $7,700 USD. After factoring in how much the stolen money is recovered, that amount drops to only about $6,000 USD per robbery.

More facts about robberies:

  • Commercial banks are statistically much more likely to be robbed than mutual savings banks, credit unions and savings and loan associations. In fact, there are about 5,000 robberies a year at U.S. commercial banks, compared with only about 400 at credit unions and only about 100 at savings and loan associations.

  • Bank robbers tend to commit their robberies at the bank counter, though a few actually go to the safe during their robbery. In 2010, there were only about 60 drive-up or walk-up robberies and only three robberies from a night deposit box.

  • Despite the fact that more than 5,000 bank robberies took place in 2010, only about 100 people were injured — 13 of whom were the bank robbers themselves.

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