How Much Beer Could Fit in an Olympic Swimming Pool?

An Olympic swimming pool holds about 660,253 gallons (about 2.5 million liters), which is roughly equal to seven million cans of beer. A keg of beer generally contains about 15.5 gallons (58.67 liters), or about 165 cans of beer. An Olympic-size swimming pool would be able to hold more than 42,600 kegs of beer. The amount of beer consumed by Americans on Super Bowl Sunday in 2011 would fill about 493 Olympic swimming pools. It would take nearly 800 Olympic-size pools to hold all of the beer Americans consumed on St. Patrick’s Day in 2011.

More about beer:

  • The Czech Republic has the highest annual per-capita consumption of beer, about 41.7 gallons (158.6 liters) in 2011. China drinks the most beer of any country, about 13 billion gallons (50 billion liters) per year.

  • About 36% of all alcoholic drinks consumed throughout the world are beer.

  • The agricultural revolution is thought to have begun because people needed a way to grow more barely to produce more beer. This is believed to have led to the development of plows, wheels and irrigation.

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