How Many US Towns Have Patriotic Names?

There were 92 US towns with patriotic names as of 2011, according to the US Census Bureau. The towns' names included words such as "liberty," independence," "eagle" or "America." Thirty-one places were either named Liberty or incorporated that word into their name, such as Libertyville, Illinois. Nine communities included "America" in their names, and 35 used "eagle."

More about towns with patriotic names:

  • The founders of New Freedom, Pennsylvania, didn't have patriotism on their minds when deciding on a name for their community. Instead, they named the town "New Freedom" to honor a family that had the surname "Free."

  • There was only one town name in the US that contained the word "patriot." Patriot, Indiana, had about 200 residents as of 2012.

  • The city of Cincinnati, Ohio, derived its name from The Society of the Cincinnati, a military society originally headed by US President George Washington.
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