How Many US Janitors Have Professional Degrees?

More than 5,000 janitors in the United States have a doctorate or other professional degree — and more than 100,000 janitors have a bachelor's degree or higher qualifications. In the wake of a strong wave of academic inflation, graduates working in jobs unsuited for their skill level has rapidly increased. One in four amusement park workers have a bachelor's degree or higher, and almost 20,000 parking lot attendants have earned at least a bachelor's degree.

More facts on academic inflation:

  • More than 17 million college graduates in the U.S. are working at jobs below their academic skill level.

  • Before the mid-20th century, a doctor of philosophy (PhD) was virtually unheard of. Even the top researchers and scientists of the day had only bachelor's degrees. Now it is extremely rare to get any kind of entry-level academic post without extensive post-doctoral education.

  • There are master's degrees available in subjects such as digital gaming, hair dressing, flower arrangement and tae kwon do.

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