How Many Single Fathers Are There in the US?

As of 2011, there were 70 million households in the US that included at least a father and children, and 1.7 million of those fathers were single. Almost 70% of the single fathers were either married, divorced or widowed, and the rest had never been married. Homes with single dads make up about 15% of the total number of single-parent households in the US.

More on single fathers and one-parent households:

  • In 1960, less than 10% of children in the US were living in single-parent households. By 2010, that number had increased to almost 30%.

  • In the US, 5% of single fathers are widowers. In the United Kingdom, that number is 12%.

  • In 2011, 10% of single fathers in the US had custody of three or more minor children.

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The problem that arises from everything (the question divorces / partners, etc.) is almost always the same, that is, the children who are not guilty of anything are the ones to pay when adults want to end a relationship, regardless of culture, gender, etc. But one of the factors that influence today could be the monetary problems of the family, among others.

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