How Many Plastic Surgery Procedures Are Performed Each Year?

There were about 14.7 million plastic surgery procedures performed worldwide in 2011. Noninvasive surgeries accounted for nearly half of all plastic surgery procedures, and more than 20% of those were for injections of the botulinum toxin, or Botox®, to temporarily smooth wrinkles and lines. This procedure is most popular in the United States, China and Japan. Lipoplasty, more commonly referred to as liposuction, removes excess body fat and is the most consistently popular invasive surgical procedure. In 2011, more than 2.1 million lipoplasty surgeries were performed, many of those in the US, Brazil and China.

More about plastic surgery:

  • The US has the highest percentage of all plastic surgeons worldwide, almost 19% in 2011, followed by Brazil with about 16%, and China with about 6%.

  • The country with the most plastic surgeries performed was the US, which ranked first for all procedures except rhinoplasty, or nose jobs. China, Japan and Brazil all had more nose jobs performed.

  • South Korea, Greece and Italy had the highest ratios of plastic surgeries to population. More than 11 procedures were done for every 1,000 people in those nations.

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