How Many People Own Smartphones?

About 46% of adults in the US own smartphones, an increase of 11 percentage points from 2011 to 2012. The Android platform is the most common in the US, with 20% of cell phone owners claiming to have Android phones. About 19% own iPhones, and 6% use Blackberries. Adults in the 18-29 age bracket are most likely to use smartphones. About 13% of people older than 65 own a smartphone.

More about smartphones and cell phones:

  • The US ranks third among countries in cell phone usage: China had more than 1 billion mobile phone users as of 2012. India was not far behind, with about 920 million users. By contrast, the US had less than 350 million cell phone users.

  • There are about 6 billion cell phone subscriptions in the world, including 4.5 billion in developing nations.

  • About 8% of cell phone users in the poll said they were not sure whether they were using smartphones or a standard mobile phone.

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