How Many People Consume Coca-Cola® Products?

About 1.7 billion servings of Coca-Cola® products are consumed around the world every day. That translates to the average person consuming at least one Coca-Cola® product every four days, with more than 3 percent of all beverages that are consumed coming from the Coca-Cola® company.

More facts about Coca-Cola® products.:

  • Mexicans drink more Coca-Cola® products, on average, than people in any other nation, but the United States consumes the most sodas overall, accounting for a little more than one-fourth of the world's soda consumption.

  • The classic red-and-white Coca-Cola® logo is almost universally recognized — about 94 percent of the world's population can recognize it. Coca-Cola's® advertising budget is $2.9 billion US Dollars (USD), which is more than the advertising budget of Microsoft® and Apple® combined.

  • Of the more than 3,000 non-alcoholic brands of drinks on the market, only 33 make more than $1 billion USD in revenue per year. The Coca-Cola® company owns 15 of them.

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