How Many More Hairs Does a Chimp Have than a Human?

A chimp has no more individual hairs than a human. While the texture of the hair on the human body is much finer and less visible to the naked eye, it is actually about the same amount of fur as on a chimp. It is thought that perhaps humans originally had a thicker coat of fur that may have served as protection, but it eventually receded over time as it began to be less necessary for survival. Evolutionary theories as to why humans’ body hair became finer include making it easier to sweat, as well as to make parasites and lice less of a nuisance.

More about chimpanzees and humans:

  • It is estimated that approximately 97% of human genes are the same as chimps.

  • Scientists in the 1970s were able to teach a chimpanzee sign language, which included 125 words and the ability to express desires.

  • Chimps are estimated to be between two to three times stronger per pound than humans; therefore, a human the same size as a chimp could exercise for 12 hours a day and still not approach the same level of strength.

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