How Many Medical Diagnosis Codes Are There?

Medical diagnosis codes are part of a coding system that makes it easy to classify various types of illnesses based on the nature of the condition and the part of the body that it relates to. The International Classification of Diseases' ninth revision (ICD-9) includes about 14,000 medical codes that are used mainly in documenting diagnoses. The 10th revision (ICD-10) has about 18,000 codes.

More facts about medical diagnosis codes:

  • Nine medical diagnosis codes are related to injuries that are caused by parrots. There are even three codes set aside for injuries that are caused by flaming water skis.

  • The ICD also has sub-classifications, such as a procedure code system known as ICD-10 PCS, which is used only in the United States. ICD-10 PCS includes more than 75,000 codes. A sub-classification for clinical modifications, ICD-10 CM, includes about 68,000 codes.

  • Different classes of medical codes vary in terms of the number of characters in the sequence. The codes vary from three to seven characters. Just about all types of medical diagnosis codes that are used around the world are alphanumeric.

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